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  • Where should the Pelicans G-League Team Go and What Should Their Name Be?

    You know it’s coming, you know what it is, but you don’t know where it’s going. It’s true that nobody, really, knows the answer to that. But it’s the offseason and this is the kind of thing I devote brain space to because I want to. And frankly, I have to do whatever I want […]

  • Trew 2 the Game: Happy Boogie Gras

    Chances are you’ve read a fair share of DeMarcus Cousins news lately. The most terrifying front court in years, the Kentucky connection, the big man to big man pick and roll. While every single one of those things you’ve read are 100% valid (so was me breaking the news to Anthony Davis), let’s kick our […]

  • Dear Pelicans: Please Axe Day-O

    Before all of the Harry Belafonte truthers out there turn on me, it’s not that I dislike the song. It’s that I dislike this chilled out low energy song about bananas being played during crucial moments of a basketball game. Specifically, I dislike this sleepy track being played at The Smoothie King Center when a team […]

  • What if New Orleans lost the Anthony Davis lottery?

    Aside from a relocation or a rebrand to Angels, the worst case glad-that-didn’t-happen scenario for Crescent City basketball fans is that we didn’t get Anthony Davis. The good news is that Davis is here, in New Orleans, playing for the Pelicans.  But it’s the offseason and your body needs more Pelicans to digest. So we’ve […]

  • Where should the Pelicans D-League team be based?

    [Listen to the latest episode of the Trew 2 the Game podcast for a playful overreaction to the Kendrick Perkins signing plus more D-League chat] The Fort Wayne Mad Ants are not only the D-League affiliate of the New Orleans Pelicans, they are also the affiliate for the Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, Los Angeles Clippers, and […]

  • Trew 2 the Game #36: Trade Deadline Playtime

    Tis the season for the trade deadline to dominate all basketball talk. Since it appears the Pelicans are gonna be quiet this time around, let’s have some fun. Trade #1: 10,000 pounds of Jambalaya  + Brian Roberts to the Atlanta Hawks for Sir Foster The real MVP of All-Star Weekend was the organ accompanying the […]

  • Trew 2 the Game #33: Photoshops and More – Defending The Smoothie King Center

    Trew 2 the Game is a weekly humor column by comedian Chris Trew. This column runs on Tuesdays and whenever something special happens. Follow Trew 2 the Game on Twitter here. _______________________________________ Look out internet, it’s an emergency Trew 2 the Game post! This means that either a Pelican has done something bizarre or brilliant […]

  • Trew 2 the Game #32: Commercial Breakdowns

    :: Follow Trew2theGame on Twitter :: It’s a big deal when an athlete stars in a nationally televised commercial. It’s a bigger deal when that commercial is accomplishing what it sets out to. In the case of Anthony Davis, these new Foot Locker spots are actually funny. Let’s break ’em down. The first, published January […]

  • Trew 2 the Game #30: I’m Taking Over the Pelicans Scoop

    The powers-that-be let me take over the Pelicans Scoop this week so after I cooked up the questions, I asked some comedy pals (Chris Carrington, Bob Murrell and Adam Wilson) to answer. Site contributor and Aussie James Grayson snuck in as well. Enjoy! 1. With the 5th pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, the New […]

  • Trew 2 the Game #25: The Hornets

    This Saturday, December 21st, the Charlotte Bobcats take on the Utah Jazz in what is being called “Buzz City Night.” At halftime, Michael Jordan and company will reveal the returning Hornets brand. Here’s the official word, straight from the horse’s mouth, the horse being the Charlotte Bobcats website. The game will serve as the official […]

  • Trew 2 the Game #24: Where is the Confetti?

    Earlier this week we requested our Twitter followers submit questions for the latest tweet-bag. Out of the bunch, we found a handful we loved, a few that were mildly inappropriate and one that pulled out a multi-paragraph answer from yours truly. As a result, we’re calling a column audible and dedicating this mailbag to one […]

  • Trew 2 the Game #23: Get Well Soon, AD

    Every Tuesday this space gets filled with a humor column that takes the Pelicans, the game of basketball and (most importantly) the game of basketball being played professionally in New Orleans very seriously. We don’t take the column too seriously though because there’s a lot of heavy (excellent) material on this here corner of the Peli-web […]

  • Trew 2 the Game #22: Diary from Last Night’s Game

    Plans tonight before the Pelicans game? Stop by Little Gem Saloon (corner of Poydras & North Rampart) for a special live podcast recording of Trew 2 the Game from 5:30-6:30p! Free! Drink & food specials!  7:30p: Opening montage on Fox Sports Southwest predictably leads with b-roll of the San Antonio Riverwalk. It’s the closest thing […]

  • Trew 2 the Game #19: 1-2 On and Off the Court

    Reminder about the live podcast recording tonight at Little Gem Saloon! More info is right here. The gist of it though? 5:45p. Tonight. Little Gem Saloon. Ticket and prize giveaways plus food and drink specials. Be there! We lost to the Pacers (disappointing, but understandable). We lost to the Magic (the sky is falling). We […]

  • Trew 2 the Game #16: Hype Themes

    Last year at Media Day several players implied that they get the opportunity to select the music that played after they scored. Depending on how true this is, it remains my least favorite thing about Austin Rivers that one of his choices last season was Austin Powers saying “yeah baby”. More than the turnovers and […]

  • Rage

    Rudy Gay.  Rudy Gay!  I voted in #NBARank the past two years.  Somehow, despite my input, Rudy Gay ended up with a higher rank than Ryan Anderson, coming in at 55 ahead of Ryno’s 56. What is wrong with everyone?  Give Anderson 13 shots and you get 16 points.  Give Rudy Gay 13 shots and […]

  • Trew 2 the Game #14: More on Media Day

    This column appears every Tuesday exclusively on Bourbon Street Shots. What’s a Christmas, birthday, anniversary, graduation and new year’s eve party all in one? For a lot of NBA junkies it’s media day. Pelicans fans have been lucky, as a steady stream of Crescent City Basketball information has been running our way since the day […]

  • Trew 2 the Game #13: The Elephant in the Practice Facility

    Facebook likes, tweets, comments and Google + shares are much appreciated here at Trew 2 the Game. It helps us grow the column. It’s like internet confetti streaming over our keyboards here at the Bourbon Street Shots office. Thanks for your support and we’ll see you next week for column #14! Last week the Pelicans […]

  • Trew 2 the Game #11: It’s All About Jrue

    Trew 2 the Game appears every single Tuesday exclusively on Bourbon Street Shots. If you like what you see spread the word – Facebook likes, tweets (@Trew2TheGame) and comments are welcome and appreciated. On to the fun stuff.  ___________________________ Wow, Summer was weird, right? No more running into Greivis Vasquez bashfully shopping at the Whole […]

  • Trew 2 the Game #1: Do You Know What it Means to Miss Nerlens

    Look, it’s a new feature on your favorite New Orleans Pelicans website! It’s the name of a podcast and web show as well, yeah, but let’s focus on one thing at a time, alright? I’ll be in this very spot every Tuesday with some “Page 2” style action for you. Did someone say something bizarre on […]