Trew 2 the Game #19: 1-2 On and Off the Court

Published: November 5, 2013

Reminder about the live podcast recording tonight at Little Gem Saloon! More info is right here. The gist of it though? 5:45p. Tonight. Little Gem Saloon. Ticket and prize giveaways plus food and drink specials. Be there!

We lost to the Pacers (disappointing, but understandable). We lost to the Magic (the sky is falling). We beat the Bobcats (they had no chance). In acknowledgment of our record standing at 1-2, here’s one win and two loses we can also attribute to our basketball team in non-basketball action.

 L: Pierre the Pelican

I can be very defensive when it comes to things that I love. Pierre has made it hard to take my usual stance – but I’m going to give it a shot. Yeah, on a scale of fun-lovin’ to scary, the scales definitely tip in favor of the latter. But didn’t some fans want an “intimidating” mascot? Also, how about all the media attention that came Pierre’s way following the reveal? All press is good press, right?

Maybe, but Pierre is currently a Loss. This is largely due to the negative feedback from, um, most of the basketball world. Is it enough to file this under “New Orleans as a whole does things that most don’t understand”? We’re pushing it with that one. Is Pierre going to always be a loss? I don’t think so – maybe down the line a fan makeover contest can take place. Or perhaps the team can acknowledge the clown-ness of his face and we can work on embracing it.

Or maybe the Pelicans Nation needs to come together as one unit, as one #BirdGang, and let the world know it’s not what’s on the outside that counts – it’s what’s on the inside. Inside of Pierre the Pelican is another person – a person just like you and me.

L: The Pelicans Dance Team

It’s not the choreography. It’s not the outfits or the frequency of t-shirt tosses. It’s that they don’t have a name. At one of the very first practices held at the new facility that was open to the press, Dell Demps joked about not knowing what the name of the dance team was gonna be. The implication being that people keep asking him. Another report surfaced that the fans were going to be able to chime in on peripheral rebrand needs. So far, nothing. And clearly this is something that the fans care about.

This Loss could easily be turned into a Win if we can get the fans involved and get the girls named. We don’t want the All-Star Break to come around and not have a dance team name. Here’s two hands in the air for either Flight Team or Fly Girls. 

W: Hot Box, You’re Dead to Me
On last week’s podcast following my tasting tour of the new Arena food, I joked about wanting a t-shirt that said “Hot Box you’re dead to me” in reference to the Arena not making a hundred pizzas and just letting them chill out in a hot box until a customer ordered up. Well hot damn, a big box was on my doorstep last week with a whole mess of these on the inside (branded the @Trew2theGame twitter handle!):


Centerplate, you’re amazing. You’ve won me over huge, Pelicans over Bobcats style. Anthony Davis nearly had the 5×5 but Centerplate, you’re the real MVP of the season so far. Kudos to your team for giving a huge damn about New Orleans. I’ll have these shirts available at tonight’s podcast recording at Little Gem Saloon.

Chris Trew is a nationally touring comedian who calls New Orleans home. He’s about to be all over Hell Yes Fest, the local comedy behemoth which runs November 12th-18th at 7 different venues across the city. Support the largest New Orleans comedy festival of all time!


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