Trew 2 the Game #32: Commercial Breakdowns

Published: February 4, 2014

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It’s a big deal when an athlete stars in a nationally televised commercial. It’s a bigger deal when that commercial is accomplishing what it sets out to. In the case of Anthony Davis, these new Foot Locker spots are actually funny. Let’s break ’em down.

The first, published January 30th, entitled “Buzzer Beater” for Kids Foot Locker:

Commercial Recap: This kid, Alex Taylor, is not dribbling the ball like it’s a do or die situation (his words). Unless his defender is playing three feet off of him, Taylor is just begging for this game to end via steal. Human basketball machine Anthony Davis pulls up in his car during (I’m assuming) this kid’s motivational speech to himself. I’m not surprised that the younger guard didn’t hear the young forward pull up in his silver sports utility vehicle. Alex Taylor, while showing off nice levels of confidence for such a young player, does not have good court vision. As he pulls up for a jump shot, he has no idea that Davis has left the man he’s guarding for the double team. Alex, being a person so young that he still shops at Kids Foot Locker, does not have the peripheral vision required to be aware of such things. Hence, the best shot blocker in the league gets another block and wins the game for his team.

MVP of this Commercial: Anthony Davis. He dominated the entire time he was on screen and you can feel his impact even as he is driving away.

Play of the Commercial: When Anthony Davis blocked Alex Taylor’s shot as time expired. Without this play, Taylor may have hit the game winning shot and Anthony Davis would have come off as foolish for agreeing to appear in this commercial.


The second, published February 4th, entitled “Disguise” for Regular (?) Foot Locker.

Commercial Recap: Anthony Davis is shopping at the Lakeside mall after a morning shootaround. He’s by himself and nobody is bothering him because the only people at the mall this day are middle aged women with a shopping list and they are not the target demographic for future NBA Hall of Famers (mainly because they have a shopping list and therefore are on a mission). Davis is carrying two bags of Foot Locker merchandise, although they could be bags of garbage or jars of whey protein from Smoothie King. He sees a large vehicle parked in front of the mall entrance which is rather peculiar. To make matters more peculiar, we learn Anthony Davis has amazing listening skills and he can hear a soft voice whispering from the inside of a bus at least 30 feet away. Even though unlucky number 13 is clearly displayed, the future of the Pelicans franchise just walks inside like he owns the thing.

Inside is mega-celebrity basketball player James Harden who is getting a unibrow placed on him so he looks less like himself and does not get mobbed inside the mall. If only he knew all those mommies on a mission just let AD shop unscathed then he would not need to hire these makeup artists and rent this bus and park it so close to the mall entrance. Davis has a problem with this because he’s famous too (his words).

MVP of this Commercial: Anthony Davis. He shows his ability to blend in with the general public in the opening shot. He’s then given a chance to be affected by Harden declaring their different levels of fame. In the end, he gets the upper hand by landing the last line and doing a really good James Harden impression, which actually just means he was able to have a huge beard.

6th Man of the Commercial: At the :25 second mark, you can spot some more makeup artists in the background. I’m assuming they are putting Chris Anderson neck tattoos on Luke Babbitt and that seems really difficult.


Chris Trew is a comedian living and working in New Orleans. Every Tuesday he writes a column for Bourbon Street Shots and releases a new New Orleans sports podcast


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