Trew 2 the Game #24: Where is the Confetti?

Published: December 10, 2013

Earlier this week we requested our Twitter followers submit questions for the latest tweet-bag. Out of the bunch, we found a handful we loved, a few that were mildly inappropriate and one that pulled out a multi-paragraph answer from yours truly. As a result, we’re calling a column audible and dedicating this mailbag to one question and one question only-

Either Mr. Benson is really looking for ways to cut costs or the man just doesn’t like confetti. It could also be a sort of “act like you’ve been there before” type of move. I’d like to think we’re saving all the confetti to do one large confetti blast when we upset the Clippers in round one of the playoffs. Imagine so much confetti you can’t even see the person sitting next to you. Imagine 51 games worth of confetti (47 regular season wins/4 post season wins) obliterating our peripheral vision in late April. Or maybe Mr. Benson just isn’t into confetti. Imagine that.

On a similar note, there were also no free t-shirts draped over the chairs for opening night. This was most certainly a money saving move. Perhaps fans didn’t really notice because there are much more important things to be thinking about on opening night (especially this past one). But if there was ever a time to really hammer home the new brand and reward the fans for purchasing tickets, opening night is it. What’s wrong with writing a check to get shirts made that commemorate such an important event in New Orleans sports history? Some sort of “I was there for the first ever Pelicans game” t-shirt would rank extremely high on the most desired New Orleans sports t-shirt list (just behind one of the checkbox “Cha Ching” shirts). I remember hearing an announcement that our ticket stubs are going to become a great souvenir from the night, which is absolutely true. But a t-shirt is not only a souvenir that fans can display proudly on the street of New Orleans, it also continues a pattern that was established long ago.

Are there bigger things to worry about with our basketball team than confetti and t-shirts? Yes, absolutely. We have a coach who’s seat is starting to heat up. We’ve got disturbing injuries to our best players. But the little things matter as well, especially as the Pelicans build their brand and relationship with the community. Here’s hoping the people making these decisions are aware that there are all kinds of fans and these things are not going unnoticed.

Chris Trew is a comedian and die-hard Pelicans fan. Every Tuesday he writes a column for Bourbon Street Shots as well as a new podcast on It’s New Orleans (available on Stitcher and iTunes as well).


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