Bourbon Street Shots has partnered with Tracey’s the original Irish Channel Bar. We’ve had events there in the past, hopefully you were there, and they were a blast. But more than that, this is a place we go to regularly simply to watch games. It’s not uncommon to see some of our writers sitting at a table late at night while the Pelicans play a west coast game. Now, we’re just making it official. We have ten watch parties planned–hopefully more if the Pelicans make the playoffs. But if you’re looking to watch an away game, check twitter, you just may see a few of us eating wings and talking Pelicans at Tracey’s that night.


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November: Wednesday the 18th @ Oklahoma City
December: Wednesday the 2nd @ Houston, and Saturday the 12th @ Chicago
January: Tuesday the 12th @ Los Angeles Lakers
February: Thursday the 11th a@ Oklahoma City
March: Wednesday the 30th @ San Antonio, and Monday the 14th @ Golden State
April: Wednesday the 6th @ Boston, and Wednesday the 13th @ Minnesota