Trew 2 the Game #23: Get Well Soon, AD

Published: December 3, 2013

Every Tuesday this space gets filled with a humor column that takes the Pelicans, the game of basketball and (most importantly) the game of basketball being played professionally in New Orleans very seriously. We don’t take the column too seriously though because there’s a lot of heavy (excellent) material on this here corner of the Peli-web (a word I just made up to describe websites that cover the Pelicans that should never under any circumstances be used again). It’s the light-hearted pop-up shop in the Bourbon Street Shots high-rise.  We’re allowed to eat in the same cafeteria as the other writers but are never (ever) allowed in Jason Calmes’ “practice lab”. None of us are sure what goes down in there but he claims it’s fancier than the Pelicans fancy new practice facility.

We’re 23 weeks strong with this column and this space should be plastered with images, letters, videos, and animated .gif’s celebrating the amazing rise of Number 23, Anthony Davis. We should be showering him with love and praise, right here in place of this sentence, but the online appreciation party has been postponed.

Anthony Davis is down with an injury and it doesn’t feel right to go through with the celebration. It would have been a nice tie-in and all, for column #23 to be the big ode to #23. But it can’t happen that way, not under these conditions. If we’re going to go all in on Anthony Davis Forever and throw him this surprise party on the internet, it has to be when he is healthy. Until then, we’ll gather all of our thoughts and words. We’ll postpone the DJ and the streamers and the cake and the balloons. We’ll save it for a future column and I promise we’ll make the numbers work. Maybe column #55 will be all about how AD is averaging a 5×5. Maybe column #42 will be a tribute to the team securing a winning season with Davis leading the way. Perhaps we’ll wait until #33 and you’ll be healthy and so amazing that you overshadow Ryan Anderson’s surprise party.

Get Well Soon.

Signed, Pelicans Nation


PelicansVegas In other news, I spent this past weekend in Las Vegas where I couldn’t help myself and I put money down on every single Pelicans game. Enough money was made to buy as many charcuterie boards as I want in the New Orleans Arena. If you see me wandering about with food in my hand just come take a bite without asking.

Would also like to point out that the Pelicans won every single game while I was out in the desert.

For more on my Vegas trip listen to the latest Trew 2 the Game podcast (also on Stitcher and iTunes).

Chris Trew is a touring improv, sketch and stand-up comedian based out of New Orleans. He pens this column and hosts the Trew 2 the Game podcast every single Tuesday. See him perform weekly at The New Movement.

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