Trew 2 the Game #22: Diary from Last Night’s Game

Published: November 26, 2013

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7:30p: Opening montage on Fox Sports Southwest predictably leads with b-roll of the San Antonio Riverwalk. It’s the closest thing to Bourbon Street which no doubt is part of the opening montage of 29 NBA teams when they visit New Orleans. The 2 that don’t show it? Memphis (jealous) and Atlanta (refusing to acknowledge the existence of anything culturally relevant in New Orleans).

There’s a beautiful shot of the championship banners hanging from the rafters which has me a) fantasizing about what ours will look like in 2015 and b) wondering why there hasn’t been more talk of the banners that were removed from the Arena.

7:32p: David Wesley Jr. says he wishes he had some of his Anthony Davis’ energy. That’s a sweet thing to say, but I think we’re all happy he doesn’t have that kind of energy for the role he plays on the Pelicans now. Just sit back and give some of that sometimes biased but always joyful commentary, David.

7:41: The first shot for the Pelicans is a long Anthony Davis 2 and I can feel Ryan Schwan cringing thousands of miles away. He sinks it and Joel Myers tells us “he’s been hitting from everywhere all day.” Great, does that mean that h’se gonna go cold all night?

7:55: In a span of 40 seconds, Ginobli hits two wide open 3’s, Eric Gordon misses a layup, Anthony Davis gets held worse than Junior Galette in New England, Eric Gordon misses another layup, Al-Farouq Aminu gets a steal, a turnover, a steal, a turnover and then twelve more turnovers.

At the end of the 1st Quarter, Anthony Davis only has 4 points, 3 rebounds and a block. What gives.

Also, if you happened to be practicing your NBA bets for your upcoming Las Vegas trip and decided to be weird and bet money on the Pelicans +3.5 after the first quarter then you’re loving that Tyreke Evans hustle play as time expired.


8:19: Fun fact from Joel Myers – this past weekend was first time that Pelicans, Saints, Tulane and LSU all won at the same time. Seems like that should have happened before but I guess it’s still reason to celebrate. David Wesley Jr. jokes that we should probably throw a parade for this. I don’t think it’s funny as I’ve already filed the appropriate paperwork. Here’s hoping that the Pelicans don’t lose tonight and make all this parade-setting effort go to waste.

8:27: I hear Justin Bieber in the background coming out of the TV timeout and Ryan Anderson misses another 3. These things are quite likely unrelated, but I wanted you to know that I can detect a Justin Bieber song easier than most.

8:32: Jrue Holiday gets 2 sweet steals in the last 10 seconds and follows them both up with 12 missed layups. The Pelicans are getting outplayed by the Conference champs right now, yeah, but the energy is still there. Alas, here comes the dreaded third quarter.


9:00: Pels make a mini-run that’s enough to give optimists like myself reason to stay engaged and (literally) on my feet. I watch basketball like wrestlers watch wrestling backstage: standing up, really close to the television and arms folded.

9:09: While discussing the news item that the Hornets (Bobcats) will go back to teal when they rebrand, David Wesley Jr. says that he “would never walk around town while wearing teal”. Is there something about teal that I don’t know about? Did teal do something to David? Is teal a criminal?

kawhi phone9:11: Kawhi Leonard decides to call his friend on his secret t-shirt phone.

9:19: Marco Bellineli is the greatest long distance shooter in the history of basketball. We should have never let him go. If Marco were still living in the Warehouse District, the Pelicans would be undefeated and the Spurs would be the worst team in the league. Bring back Marco Bellineli and also while we’re here bring back Marcus Thornton.

9:34: Jeff Withey is about to check in for Anthony Davis but Davis is shooting free throws now so he has to wait. Maybe Jeff Withey should just sit down so at least we can watch Anthony Davis.

9:35: Anthony Davis goes down and holds his leg, giving everyone in New Orleans a heart attack. Why didn’t Jeff Withey just replace him when he had the chance. Even if it’s against the rules. What were you thinking, Jeff Withey? This is all your fault.

9:36: Okay, we’re fine. Sorry for overreacting, Jeff Withey.

9:40: Game over. We’re not really fine, we just got destroyed. But we were destroyed by the best team in the league and nobody got hurt. Could of been worse.

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