Published: October 10, 2013

Rudy Gay.  Rudy Gay!  I voted in #NBARank the past two years.  Somehow, despite my input, Rudy Gay ended up with a higher rank than Ryan Anderson, coming in at 55 ahead of Ryno’s 56.

What is wrong with everyone?  Give Anderson 13 shots and you get 16 points.  Give Rudy Gay 13 shots and you have 14 points!  Take Rudy Gay from the Grizzlies and you get a Grizzly team that improves both defensively and offensively.  Put Ryan Anderson on the bench, and you get a team whose offense crashes.  Ryan Anderson actually had his worst true shooting percentage last year trying to carry the offense.  Rudy Gay’s best scoring season ever(three years ago) just barely touches it!

Want more?  Do you think Rudy Gay could do this:

Ryan Anderson Artwork

That’s right!  Official, signed artwork!  Soak in the subtle shading, the hues, the efficient coloring of the background!  If Rudy Gay filled in that background, he’d have used at least 10% more crayon for the same effect!  Ryan even did it for a teammate, showing his unselfish art-game.  You know if this was an original Rudy, it would be signed:

To: Me, Myself and I (Again with the inefficiency, Rudy!  Too many letters!)

From: Rudy

Sigh.  Curse you NBA Rank!  Curse you Rudy Gay!


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