• Dante Cunningham

    The Pelicans win a fun one Against the Kings

    It was a bad game if you like Pelicans losses. In fact, if you were hoping to enjoy some Pels related misery, tonight was a real disappointment, because despite being down 17...

  • Game On Home 2

    The Sacramento Kings vs. The New Orleans Pelicans

    The famous Dungeon Master Ryan Schwann once said, “I never feel good after a game against the Kings.” That’s an opinion, but it feels like an objective truth. If the Pelicans...

  • Game Recap Win 3

    Pelicans finish off Kings

    Like all monarchies, the Kings were too entirely dependent on one guy tonight.  So, despite that guy being absolutely amazing, the Pelicans shrugged off a slow start and punished the rest...

  • Game On Home 5

    Game On: Kings @ Pelicans

    The playoffs are a longshot now, but if the race is to even remain interesting, the Pelicans have to string some wins together over this soft part of their schedule. Which...

  • Game Recap Lose 3

    Observations on Kings v Pelicans

    Tonight you saw the true impact of Eric Gordon being out of the game.  Now, before you get all excited and say things like “Have you seen Gordon play this year?”...

  • Game On Home 1

    Game On: Kings @ Pelicans

    First, if you haven’t listened to On the Fly, you should.  Jake and Pelli talk with Aaron Bruski about the Kings and how the Pelicans matchup.  However, if you aren’t going...

  • Anthony Davis Ryan Anderson

    The Perfect Pelicans Pick-and-Roll

    I like to keep up, as best I can, with everything going on in the NBA. Like most of the writers at BSS, I’m not just a fan of the Pelicans....

  • Game Recap Win 4

    Moleskin Moments: New Orleans Pelicans vs. Sacramento Kings 11.18

    Monday night’s heartbreaker is the kind of loss that, as a fan, you have nightmares about. The kind of game you overthink about the implications of despite the fact that it’s...

  • Game On Away 5

    New Orleans Pelicans @ Sacramento Kings: Open Thread

    The New Orleans Pelicans tip against the Sacramento Kings tonight at 9:00 CT, and the game is in Sacramento. The game is on 105.3 FM, Fox Sports New Orleans, and NBA...

  • Game Recap Lose 2

    Pelicans out-worked by Kings

    I could waste time complaining about the same things we always complain about.  It’s getting a bit old, however, and why dwell on why certain guys are getting minutes?  Instead, let’s...

  • Game On Home 6

    Game On: Kings @ Pelicans

    The Pelicans wrap up the season series against the Kings at home tonight and catch the Kings on a bit of a downswing.   The Kings are missing one of their trio...

  • Game Recap Lose 2

    Pelicans are Foul in loss

    It’s not like they had a monopoly on the fouls.  The Kings managed to contribute a huge number themselves to a choppy game with no visual flow and multiple calls made...

  • Game On Away 1

    Game On: Pelicans @ Kings

    I’ve got to say – the last two weeks of Pelicans basketball have been a bit of a lowpoint for me.  A series of tough, close losses, Eric Gordon’s good stretches...

  • 6a00d83451c47869e200e54f62fc008834-800wi

    Four Non-Gordon Deals That Make Sense for Hornets

    All of the speculation as of late has been on whether or not the Hornets should move Eric Gordon. While most agree that they should, at least eventually, the disagreement seems...

  • Small Market, Big Heart: A Sacramento Kings Documentary

    I suggest you watch this Kings Documentary (below the jump) at some point.

  • Hornets Give Game Away in Final Seconds, Fall to Kings

    New Orleans Hornets 98 FinalRecap | Box Score 99 Sacramento Kings

  • Game On: Hornets @ Kings

    It is time once again to stare directly into the light that is Marcus Thornton.

  • Hornets Struggle in Fourth, Lose to Kings

    The Hornets sucked it up again in the fourth quarter, falling to the Kings after three quarters of quality basketball.

  • Game On/3-on-3: Kings @ Hornets

    Marcus Thornton and the Kings are in New Orleans tonight for the Hornets first game post-NFL.

  • Game On: Kings @ Hornets

    Matchup: Hornets(14-10) @ Kings(5-17) Off Efficiency: Hornets 101.3(21st), Kings 99.6 (27th) Def Efficiency: Hornets 99.5(5th), Kings 107.3 (23rd) Thanks to the amazing Dariusz Ejkiewicz for the Game Day Banner. The Kings...