The Pelicans win a fun one Against the Kings

Published: March 7, 2016

It was a bad game if you like Pelicans losses. In fact, if you were hoping to enjoy some Pels related misery, tonight was a real disappointment, because despite being down 17 points in the 3rd quarter, the Pelicans overcame the Kings 115-112.

After a couple years, we won’t really remember this game. There are no playoff seeds on the line. Heck, we aren’t even racing to the bottom for ping pong balls, but it is these types of games that get fans and basketball nerds through the season. Numbers and analytics are fun, but we watch basketball for the excitement and entertainment. And tonight was certainly entertaining.


  • Dante Cunningham – He had his two highlights for the season in one game. That block was just absurd, and the go ahead three after missing one the previous possession was filthy. He played with a lot of heart tonight. Love you forever DC.
  • Norris Cole – In a loss, he’d be the scapegoat. In a win, he’ll be completely ignored. Both cases are probably a bit unfair. Don’t get me wrong; He wasn’t good. He was pretty much what he has always been just at a higher volume and some extra rebounds and assists. Not much more to say, in my opinion.
  • Jrue Holiday – He started and played 36 minutes. He was way off from 3 and had couple of really bad turnovers, but I still thought he played really well.
  • Anthony Davis – 31 points on 21 shots. 10 rebounds. 3 steals. An assist. A block. Yes, he had 5 turnovers. And, yes, had 5 fouls. Does that really mean he had a bad game? No. I don’t see why we have to tug on superman’s cape just because. He wasn’t peak AD, but he was still good.
  • Alonzo Gee – Gave a solid 20 minutes. I’m not the biggest fan of his game, but I’m still want to see the guy succeed. Happy with his game tonight.
  • Negatives – This game was not a postive affair. The Pelicans looked confused and sloppy most of the game. I know this. You know this. We can go back and document it. In fact, I’m sure we will have a lot of posts examining the Pels’ shortcomings in the coming moths. Don’t tweet me. Because I really do get it, but tonight I’m focusing on the positives.

With that said, have a good night gang, and enjoy this one!

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