Pelicans finish off Kings

Published: March 28, 2015

Like all monarchies, the Kings were too entirely dependent on one guy tonight.  So, despite that guy being absolutely amazing, the Pelicans shrugged off a slow start and punished the rest of the Kings, dropping 28 points in each of the final three quarters.  The silly part about this is I thought Asik was playing Cousins pretty well.  He contested a bunch of shots Cousins sank early from long range, and then fought him tough all night long, making him take tough shots over outstretched arms.  Of course, Cousins put together a 39 and 20 on 28 shots, so maybe the idea of what Asik was doing was better than the reailty.

Also – and this is probably not what people want to hear after a win – the Pelicans offense sputtered a lot tonight.  Throughout the second half, New Orleans kept finding itself with just a few seconds left on the shot clock after most of their attempts to get the ball into the paint were turned back.  Time after time, Cole, Pondexter and Tyreke Evans would bail the team out with long jumpers that weren’t good shots – they were just necessary shots.  It was good to see them hit those, but it was not easy to watch, that’s for sure.


  • At one point in the first quarter, the teams combined for 11 possessions that had 5 airballs, 4 turnovers, and 3 missed free throws – and one make.  Just bad basketball.
  • Also in the first quarter, the Kings were super-aggressive at getting out and running the ball down the Pelicans throat.  As usual, the Pelicans were terrible at stopping it.  We can all thank the Kings (and Cousins) for slowing down and playing half-court basketball after the first half of the first quarter.  If they had kept up the attack, the Pels would have lost.
  • George Karl absolutely made the right decision putting Gay on Davis.  Rudy has the speed to stay in front of him and the hops to actually challenge his shots.  Davis struggled most of the night against him  until he figured out late in the game that if he got a shoulder into Gay, he could control the situation enough to get off a clean look.  I’d lay most of the un-Davis like line of 24 points on 26 shots at Rudy Gay’s door.
  • At first, you want to focus on the flopping that both Asik and Cousins were doing as they battled around the rim.  It was kinda silly to see both guys whining and complaining and flinging their arms about in exaggerated motions all game.  But I do want to challenge you.  The Pels play the Kings next week.  Take three early possessions with those two battling each other and just watch them, not the ball.  There is a lot of theatrics, but also a lot of power behind all the elbows and shoulders being thrown around down there.  I wouldn’t want any part of that.
  • Pondexter quietly stuck his shots and ended with 16.  The guy can be very effective when his shot is falling.
  • Not a lot of ball movement tonight as both Tyreke and Davis went iso-ball.  The end result of that is the 6 shots Eric Gordon got.  If those two aren’t moving the ball willingly, Gordon is pretty much a non-entity.
  • Evans went for 25 and 10 on only 15 shots, but all game long he made my stomach hurt.  Lots of jumpers (he stuck a good number) and a lot of fizzled forays that were cut off, leading to 10 seconds being wasted on the clock over and over.  Don’t get me wrong – the Pelicans don’t win this game without Evans – but half the shots he took were bad ones.
  • Cole was on tonight.  So – would you prefer a guard who puts up a nice consistent 8 points on 7 shots every night – or one like Cole who puts up either 2 points – or a point total in the teens.  It seems like there is no in between for him.

Next game is Sunday against the Wolves.  Early tip of time for those of you attending!

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