Game On: Kings @ Hornets

Published: December 15, 2010

Matchup: Hornets(14-10) @ Kings(5-17)
Off Efficiency: Hornets 101.3(21st), Kings 99.6 (27th)
Def Efficiency: Hornets 99.5(5th), Kings 107.3 (23rd)

Thanks to the amazing Dariusz Ejkiewicz for the Game Day Banner.

The Kings are coming to town just in time. Hopefully this game will mark a turning point for the Hornets just like the last one did. Since the last time these two teams met, the Hornets are only 3-9. The Kings have been even worse, winning only one of their last 11 games.

Edit- Tyreke Evans is in the starting lineup for the Kings.

With Tyreke Evans possibly out with an injury this game could be a blowout. Anything less is bad news. Honestly, even with Tyreke in the game the Hornets take just about every match up (excuse me for not analyzing them), and most of them rather convincingly. The crowd is expected to be relatively large for a game against Sacramento, so the team should have an extra bounce in their step right off the bat. I’m calling blowout.

What to watch:

  1. Luther Head on Chris Paul. Last game Head limited Paul to only 2-12 shooting, and the Hornets struggled overall on offense. Paul did wind up with 15 assists, but anyone watching that game knows that Head did a good job.
  2. Marcus Thornton- With the Hornets offense floundering as the season progresses, it will be interesting to see if Thornton can step up and make Monty Williams take notice. He should get an opportunity.
  3. Demarcus Cousins- I really liked what I saw in summer league from this guy, but during already he’s been a menace in the locker room for Sacramento. He has the body and the skills for the NBA, but it remains to be seen what his mental future holds. He will battle Okafor early on, and if Emeka can get him into foul trouble, this thing could blow open pretty early.

In the attendance world, the Business Council of New Orleans has pledged to buy 50,000 dollars worth tickets to boost attendance. The Save Our Hornets Foundation is sending a group of boy scouts to the game today to kick off our giving, and a number of other local businesses have seen to it that tonight’s game will be much more crowded than it would have been otherwise. The community is getting involved and that’s good news for all basketball fans.

With 12 games left to meet the attendance deadline, the Hornets need 178,596 fans total, meaning we need to average 14,883 per game.

I’m hearing that Charter and CST have a deal done. Everything sounds really promising.

Watch party pics will be posted when I get a chance tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who came. We’ll do it again soon for sure.


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