Game On: Kings @ Pelicans

Published: November 25, 2014

First, if you haven’t listened to On the Fly, you should.  Jake and Pelli talk with Aaron Bruski about the Kings and how the Pelicans matchup.  However, if you aren’t going to do that, here’s my take!

Injuries are starting to crop up, and tonight’s game is no exception.  On the Kings side, Collison, Gay and Ramon Sessions are all questionable for the game due to various ailments.  For the Pelicans, Gordon is out and Asik is questionable.

The answer as to who will start tonight in relief of Eric Gordon, at least, is no longer a mystery.  Darius Miller, who started several games in the pre-season, will get his shot in a real game tonight as Evans slides over to the shooting guard position.  The hope is that Miller will be able to stretch the floor and provide enough defense to hold the fort for 10-20 minutes.  I can’t say I have a lot of confidence it will happen, but Miller definitely deserves to get his shot.

Keys to the game:

  • Keep the fouling to a minimum.  This might be hard – especially if Ajinca is playing for Asik again, but it is a key reason the Pelicans defeated the Kings in the last matchup.  The Kings, behind strong free throw rates from Collison, Cousins and Gay, are drawing the highest rate of free throws in the league.  That and offensive rebounds keeps their offense running.  Eliminate one advantage.
  • Drive, Drive, Drive.  The Kings are foul prone, DeMarcus Cousins especially, and will give your team lots of free throws if you attack.  It’s more than that, though.  The Kings have been very good at defending the three point line this year as well.  Don’t play into their hands and jack threes.  Attack.
  • Protect the ball.  Over the last couple games, the Pelicans have had some bad quarters when it comes to turning over the ball.  The Kings don’t force turnovers regularly, so the Pelicans can get back to their stingy turnover ways tonight and make it near impossible to die in transition.

Enjoy the game!


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