Pelicans out-worked by Kings

Published: March 31, 2014

I could waste time complaining about the same things we always complain about.  It’s getting a bit old, however, and why dwell on why certain guys are getting minutes?  Instead, let’s focus on the real reason the Pelicans lost that game:  They rarely had more than one rebounder out there – and the Kings were gang-rebounding the ball.

It’s really that simple.  The Kings took 7 more shots and five more free throws than the Pelicans – and they had five more turnovers.  Essentially, they worked themselves into a 12-attempt advantage in that game.  During the fourth, multiple times, we saw the ball hit the floor and no Pelican move to snatch up the loose ball.   I could go with the trope “they just wanted it more”  or call the Pelicans lazy – but let’s instead go to reality:  most of the Pelicans shooters don’t even think about rebounding.  And Monty was stuck.  His big men hadn’t met a foul they didn’t want to hump, and his shooters shoot but don’t do anything else.   He was stretching the floor with Darius Miller, Brian Roberts, Austin Rivers, and Anthony Morrow.   Miller and Roberts hold the joint dishonor of being the 12th worst rebounders in the entire league.  Rivers is 28th from the bottom.  Morrow sits at 57.   None of those guys rebound better than 5.5% of total rebounds.  That’s right, about 1 out of every 20 rebounds falls to them, when there are 10 guys on the court.

Anyways, the Pelicans compounded their inability to end possession with stupid, stupid fouls when the Kings were in the bonus . . . and they lost by 5.  Shocking.


  • The Pelicans were trying to ISO Davis a lot in the post.  I’m not sure I like that.  Let him attack from the elbow – where he has more options to pass, and more room to attack.  His post up game just isn’t there yet and the baseline is another defender.
  • Cousins tore apart anyone facing him.  He had some amazing up and under plays.  I want to know, however, why none of our guards or wings attacked him whenever he was bringing the ball up the floor after a rebound.  He’s not that good of a ball-handler.  Make him spin or crossover, and you’ve got a good chance for a turnover.
  • I have to beg to differ with David Wesley on this one:  Reggie Evans meant to put his elbow into Anthony Davis.  This is a guy who grabbed Chris Kaman’s nuts in a playoff game to get an advantage.  He knew he was in danger of being blocked and leapt forward, leading with the elbow.  Do I think it was necessarily a flagrant 2?  Maybe not – I’m willing to buy that Evans wasn’t trying to connect with Davis’ unibrow – but he definitely was trying to dole out some pain.
  • Tyreke was flat out bad tonight.  The Kings kept a big ready to contest every time he drove – and never worried about leaving Stiemsma, Ajinca, Withey or Aminu.   Monty tried Babbitt for a little while, but after a couple threes that threatened to shatter the backboard, Monty pulled him.  Spacing gone, Tyreke neutralized.
  • Withey had the same results he did early this season.  He gets big minutes and he’s really strong for the first 20 or so – and then he’s winded and finished.  Strength Program this off-season, please.
  • Rivers got a bunch of assists somehow tonight, but mostly what stuck in my head was him pounding the ball for long moments looking for entry passes.  He wasted entire possessions without the ball moving from his hands.
  • Without Morrow tonight, the Pelicans were toast.  He’s got a little bit of Reggie Miller/Rip Hamilton in him in his ability to move and distract the other team.  The Pelicans should make use of that more.

So, that was disappointing.  Pelicans visit Denver on Wednesday.



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