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  • A Farewell Sonnet for Marco Belinelli

    Some goodbye poetry for former Hornet, Marco Belinelli.

  • Off-Season Targets: Guards

    Eric Gordon is a restricted free agent, but who else will the Hornets target?

  • Should Marco Belinelli be re-signed?

    Ryan unleashes the numbers on Marco Belinelli and paints the walls red.

  • Doing Dealer Dell Demps: Volume 1

    We introduce a new piece called “Doing Dealer Dell.” Today we will assess a variety of things going around Dell’s head and around the league. 

  • Fiending for Some NBA Action

    (This is in the spirit of Holly MacKenzie’s very nice piece over at Hardwood Paroxysm, only I’m doing 36 things I miss because the Hornets have six players and there are six of them. Don’t you get it? It’s science.) It’s Thursday morning. Roughly 8am. I shouldn’t be awake yet. Last night as I sat […]

  • Belinelli Extended Qualifying Offer

    According to Jimmy Smith’s Twitter: “Hornets have tendered offer to Marco Belinelli, not Jason Smith, sources say. Hope to retain both players.” This will make Marco a restricted free agent while Smith will be unrestricted. The offer is for just over $3m. There as been some discussion here on whether the offer would be extended. […]

  • Hornets Unlikely to Extend Qualifying Offers to Belinelli or Smith

    With time running out for the Hornets to extend qualifying offers to Marco Belinelli or Jason Smith, it’s looking more and more likely that both will enter free agency unrestricted. The Hornets hold a 3.1 million dollar qualifying offer on Smith, and a 3.4 million dollar offer on Belinelli. The two players both played big […]

  • Dunk That Sh!t: New Star

    42 Dunktastic Superstardom

    Every team has a bench, and on that bench there may just be the next superstar . . . but it’s likely that the backup just hasn’t been exposed as not being worth the role of backup . . . As I sit here at Highland Coffees in Baton Rouge with my ladyfriend and the guy that chose […]

  • Dunk that Sh!t: First Edition

    Over the summer, we will solicit questions from those of you in the community to be answered in our new daily piece, Dunk that Sh!t. No power layups here, just straight, hard core answers and facts to all of your questions. To submit your questions, either hit us up via Twitter (@hornets247) or on Facebook. […]

  • Monty Williams’ Post-Celtics Press Conference

    I went to the post-game press conference tonight. It was my first. Before Monty came into the room, I sat quietly in the back listening to Gerry V getting briefed on the NCAA activity he missed between his soft gumblings . . . 2 of 20 . . . stuff like that.  Most of the […]

  • Mavs – Hornets highlights featuring Monty “Chest Bump” Williams

    NBA.com not giving the team love?  Here’s Belinelli sinking some big three’s, West keeping the Hornets within striking distance, Okafor cleaning up the trash, Tyson Chandler throwing the game for his old teammates (Chandler, I’m kidding!  We still love you, man!) and, of course, the Monty Williams Chest Bump.

  • Hornets post furious comeback and topple Mavericks

    Wow. If the Hornets end up facing Dallas in a first round series, it could be one of the most entertaining series in the history of basketball.  The Mavs and Hornets have met three times this season, and the Hornets have won two of them, but none of the games were decided by more than […]

  • Paul, Hornets Falter Late in Loss to Rockets

    The Houston Rockets beat the Hornets 91-89 behind a stupidly efficient night by Kevin Martin (33 points on 15 shots), a not so efficient night from Chris Paul (6 points on 2-12 shooting), and an over-reliance on Willie Green in the fourth quarter. If those three things never come together during one game again, it […]

  • Hornets Ten Game Winning Streak Box Score Bomb

    As the Hornets look ahead to Sacramento in hopes of extending their season high ten game winning streak, we are going to take a look back at how the individual players performed in their previous wins. These are all the typical box score numbers from the past 10 games. Without further adieu, let’s jump right […]

  • Hornets are Just One Injury Away From Disaster

    Sometimes it’s good to take a step back from whatever you believe to be true in order to get a more objective viewpoint. I was recently asked on the Daily Dime Chat what the Hornets biggest concern is the rest of the season. Is it the attendance issue? The NBA owning the team? Chris Paul […]

  • The Little Things

    It seems to me that almost everyone agrees that the greatest area of need for the Hornets is among the bigs, yet far more bytes have been spent on talking about the `littles’ of late. As a result of this seemingly paradoxical behavior, I’ve compiled a little data to generate some structured discussion of our […]

  • Belated Holiday Post

    I’m an altruistic guy, so instead of wishing for things for me, I would prefer to wish for things that will benefit all the New Orleans Hornets fans. That includes wishing that every player gained certain skills because of whatever December holiday they acknowledge. The magical idea of Santa Clause/Flying Spaghetti Monster is in no […]

  • 43 Minutes of Crunch Time

    That’s how much basketball we have watched with less than five minutes left on the clock and the Hornets within five points of their opposition. Those 43 minutes have arguably been the biggest of the year for the Bees, as they have determined games, momentum, a power ranking ascension and decline (unless Marc Stein really […]

  • We Want Hornets Questions ASAP

    Michael and I will be talking to Trevor Ariza and Marco Belinelli today at Rouses (4500 Tchoup), and we want your questions! I meant to post something last night, but somehow managed to overlook it. Anyway, questions asked before 6:00 will be included. The players will be there to hand out gift baskets to kids […]

  • Chalk Talk with Dell Demps

    Prior to the victory over the Trail Blazers at the New Orleans Arena on November 13, 2010, about 25 people, all season ticket holders or their guests, were invited to the inaugural Chalk Talk with Dell Demps. This is a benefit conferred by the Hornets to season ticket holders through the Lagniappe Program. There are many choices […]