Doing Dealer Dell Demps: Volume 1

We introduce a new piece called “Doing Dealer Dell.” Today we will assess a variety of things going around Dell’s head and around the league. 

I wasn’t quite sure how to kick this off, how I’d start to introduce this new segment on Hornets247. Dell Demps has been our General Manager for just over a season and a half. His first day of the job was dispelling Chris Paul trade rumors and trying to make a run with the All-World point guard.

He’s battle tested, as a scout he’s been around the globe and then some. What lies ahead we won’t truly know, but with the best information available we can begin to understand why decisions are made.

Enter Dealer Dell, a guy who works the phones harder than any GM in the league. He’s made a lot of moves in the past and there will surely be more. He doesn’t have an owner but will likely have a new one within the next month. Demps is a man who has seen a lot in a short period of time and he’s managed it all with grace.

So Doing Dealer Dell won’t carry sexual connotations, it will be a testament and a driver’s seat perspective to managing our New Orleans Hornets.

Chris Kaman and the suitors

Mr. McNamara has talked in length about how a trade would go down involving Chris Kaman. There’s no doubt in anyone’s minds that Kaman is on the block and that there are teams out there interested.

The two teams heavily speculated are the Houston Rockets and the Indiana Pacers. Both teams would like to add the seven-foot center, but both don’t want to pay up a heavy price.

As we approach the deadline Demps will be receiving more and more calls for Kaman. As the calls keep coming in we will see the Dealer get what he wants which is a combination of the following.

  • 1st Round Draft pick
  • Expiring Contract
  • Young Player(s)
  • Trade Exemption

Also to be noted is that once it reaches March 1st more Hornets players can be packaged with Kaman, increasing Demps’ options. I’d look for everyone bar Ayon, Vasquez and Gordon to be traded.

Stock Watch

This section will discuss the assets at Demps’ disposal, what is moving up and what is moving down.

In the Dealer’s Binoculars

There are a number of players that the Hornets can look to go after. It’s likely that Dell will most likely want these though:

  • Trade Exceptions
  • 1st/2nd Round Draft picks
  • Young, unproven players (with upside: Think Vasquez and Henry)

A New Owner, a New Lease on Life?

It’s been well documented that Dell Demps’ power as General Manager has been somewhat restricted. The goals of the organisation were different under direction of the NBA (like not giving a $32 million contract to a player like Drew Gooden over 4 years).

The Hornets actually have the 14th most salary of any NBA team in the league, however over the last year or so they’ve been trying to take on more short-term contracts.

This may change with a new owner and a few new young draft picks. Eric Gordon needs to be resigned and you can bet if we land a top-5 pick there will also be a long term arrangement made.

It will be interesting to see how things change under new ownership whether Demps’ goals shift, or whether he even has a job at all. I believe he thoroughly deserves to keep his job as he did his best with what was a no-win situation. Not only did he get good value in a trade, but there’s no long term salary beyond 2014 (that the team can’t get out of).

Trade of the day

We will finish with a “Trade of the day,” something the team may, or may not do. Today we’ll include two.

The Hornets get a quality guard to pair with Eric Gordon. The Celtics get some first round picks, youthful, quality players (Hill, Budinger and Lee are all having good seasons). The Rockets get a center and scoring option. I’m not really high on this trade, for the Rockets in particular, but it’s just something that’s been out there for a while.

Again the Hornets get a guard, but also a solid player off the bench in Brandon Bass. The Celtics get a high flying Josh Smith and a veteran guard which helps them make a run at things this season. The Hawks get a center to help out, because they really need it with Horford out. When he returns they have two very good defensive big-men.

So there you have it folks, the first edition of Doing Dealer Dell. In future editions there will be guest contributors as well as discussions on trades not just by the Hornets but by other teams. The trade world is one that is interconnected and Dealer Dell is right in the thick of it.

65 responses to “Doing Dealer Dell Demps: Volume 1”

  1. Rondo would be a definite upgrade at point. I’ve always thought that his game is best suited for an uptempo pace, the same with Gordon. Get both out in the open court and let them slash to the rim. Would the Hornets and Monty W change their walk it up, limit the number of possessions approach to take advantage of Rondo and Gordon’s talents?

    • If they were on the roster you would hope so, but Williams’ defensive philosophy may not allow it.

      I mean consider how he’s always telling players to crash the defensive rebounds. He wants as many defensive stops as humanly possible and focuses little on getting wing players to break out quickly.

      It’s a shame because there are some players on this team that could be fast break guys.

      • Like who could be fast break guys? Ariza? And yeah we have to crash the defensive boards because we have inexperienced guys like Gustavo and Jason Smith down low who need the help. We don’t have much talent, so to make up for this we have to play a complete team style of basketball. The fact that Monty has this injured/ under-talented team competitive in almost every game speaks very highly of his coaching iq and we shouldnt question it. Im sure if he’d had the right pieces he’d make the right adjustments to his game plan like fast breaking more often but right now we dont.

    • I mean Rondo has proven he’d fit perfectly in a Monty system, defense first and slow paced efficient offense, al-la Doc Rivers in Boston. Monty’s not changing his philosophy for anyone, he knows defense wins championships. Remember Monty wouldn’t budge on Marcus Thornton’s decreased minutes because his defense wasn’t on par with Monty’s expectations, even though he was a scoring machine.

  2. First of all, Rajon Rondo ain’t going to New Orleans, so lets forget about that. I also don’t see that NOH/Celtics/ATL trade happening either because I doubt that the hawks would give up one of their best players for an over the hill Emeka Okafor, 2nd round picks and Minnesota’s 1st round pick–which would most likely be a very low lottery pick.

    I think Marvin Williams would be a solid grab for the Hornets. Williams is a skilled and talented player, but he’s struggled to find his niche in Atlanta. Send over Trevor Ariza and a future first rounder (lottery protected, of course). I can also see Ramon Sessions as a Hornet too. NOH has plenty of pieces to offer for him in Jarrett Jack or something like that.

    • Rondo could become a Hornet through a trade… anything is possible as the great Kevin Garnett once said.

      In that NOH/Celtics/ATL trade the Celtics could also send an additional first rounder. Just a matter of adjustment, it could work if teams wanted it to.

      The trades are just ideas, someone will always be a “loser.” It’s always tough to come up with trade possibilities without upsetting someone.

      • Haha thank god someone said that. I don’t want that bust on our team. Ariza is a 1 of a kind defender who can cover multiple positions, he’s the guy thats gonna cover the Kobes, Durants etc.. You need those kind of guys if you want to compete in the playoffs and win championships. The last championship the Lakers won, they might have not even got by Okc in that first round if they didn’t have Meta World Peace all over Durantula. Too many fans underrate defensive specialist.

    • I would never trade Ariza/fut. 1st Rnd for Williams. I would throw in C.L.24 w/TA & fut. 1st Rnd. For J-Smooth.

  3. Do you think there is any thought to keeping Kaman? His production is extremely good right now and he seems to be more of a factor than Emeka has ever been (even at his best, whatever that is defined as). I know he might be playing well to get himself traded to a contender, but is there any reason to think that if Dell doesn’t get a trade that yields the 1st round pick and young assets that he decides to keep him and try to resign him?

    • Maybe, depends what his price is. He’s about 30 years old and will decline so I’m not really willing to give a long term contract to that kind of player, especially considering the situation the Hornets are in.

      He’s a good player, but needs to be on a contender now, not a rebuilding team like the Hornets.

      • Kaman isn’t that good because he is so ineffecient offensively. The only way the Hornets keep him is if the offers are too low to justify trading him.

  4. title-wise i was expecting something else entirely..

    but this is fine as well.. haha

    i would do definately do either deal.. im leaning more towards trade 2
    but i really think we are still undervaluing the minny pick even if it is late lottery, its still a good pick if the draft class remains loaded like this (no way do i think minny makes the playoffs)

  5. I like any trade that include Rondo we get a decent PG with Gordon it would be one of the best backcourt duo next season.I would like us to get Roy Hibbert instead of Javel Magee.Since we’re out of the running to draft Anthony Davis. Sullinger or Robinson would be great to draft and draft a PG like Lillard or Marshall.

      • percentage wise we’re thus pending on the position of our pick this team might have to trade up to get Davis.

    • Haha don’t worry Lucas I said we should not include them in any trade. Gordon, Vasquez and Ayon are untouchable in my opinion.

  6. We have 3 guys making about 35 mil between them. All 3 are bigs. Oak, Kaman, and Carl. None of them are cost effective. Replacing them with 3 1st rounders in this big-heavy draft would cost about 7- 8 mi.
    We would have 3 young bigs ( one a potential star) playing above the rim, plus enough cap space for Gordon (all-star level SG) & a high quality free agent. Maybe a premier outside shooter or PG.
    By the way, Ayon @ 1.5 mil this year & 2 more is a fine example of Dell’s work. WWDD?

  7. I think the Rockets get robbed in the first trade. They have to give up too many good role players for Chris Kaman.

    The second trade is better to me. Having Rondo+Gordon+Top 5 pick+cap flexibility would be amazing.

  8. Oh, and by the way:
    Cali group frontrunner to buy Hornets

    Last week it was reported that the NBA was close to knowing which groups would be the finalists to buy the New Orleans Hornets.

    The Times-Picayune reported Thursday night that a Southern California group led by businessman Raj Bhathal is the leader to land the Hornets.

    According to the newspaper, that group also includes Larry J. Benson, Tom Benson’s [Saints owner] brother and former NBA player and coach Mike Dunleavy.

    The NBA bought the team for an estimated $318 million and NBA commissioner is hoping to have the deal finalized in March, if possible.

    • I hope that group doesn’t end up buying the team. I just don’t see people with such thin local ties keeping the team here. There is much more money to be made elsewhere, e.g., California. And no escape clauses in the lease will only carry you so far. People breach leases all the time, when it’s financially advantageous. The state would have to put in some hefty penalties in order to outweigh the profits potentially made elsewhere.

    • “The bad news is it’s not a local owner with New Orleans ties. The good news is the new owner of the Hornets is buying the team to keep them in the Crescent City, at least until 2024, and that’s great news for New Orleanians, even if you’re not a basketball fan. NBA commissioner David Stern kept his promise of finding an owner who would keep the team in New Orleans”- Via Hoopshype

      • This makes me think this group has got it. I hope Mike Dunleavy doesn’t have much influence in the decision making process going forward

      • The problem with that comment is it assumes the lease will absolutely keep the team here. Put it this way: if you knew it’d cost you, say, 100 million to break the 10 year lease with the state, but you knew you could make that back over two years in a new location, you’d break the lease in a heartbeat. It just makes good financial sense.

        Of course the league would have to approve such a move, and perhaps Stern wouldn’t let it happen. … For a while anyway.

        Who knows? I’m just bummed they’re not a local group. It concerns me.

    • Lets see: $318M paid, and $340 sale price. Looks like a $22M profit for the NBA…. divided by 29 teams, thats about $750K per team..

      Anyone wanta bet we DON’T hear any complaints from Mark Cuban about that?

  9. I hope you were joking when you said Gustavo and Vasquez were “untradeable”. Nice players but both are easily moved if we can package them even for another lottery pick.

    • Wouldn’t trade Gustavo Ayon.. ever. Players like him that have good defensive instincts and basketball IQ are rare. He’s just so smart as a player. Vasquez is tradeable.

      Doubt it both players net lottery picks, but if they did, I wouldn’t trade Ayon. Vasquez is fair game? Ayon not so much..

      • Both are at best bench players. If we can get a better player/s via the draft or trade either guy is expandable.

        I agree Ayon has more vaule.

    • What? Both are bench players at best? An unknown draft pick is better than a known, starter quality player? On what basis?

    • It bothers me how people say Vasquez and Ayon is “untradeable”…are u kidding they are decent players and play with alot of heart but they are NOT ALL-Stars, they might even be bench players at best. I see them hitting there potential ceiling real soon or maybe even NOW. So it’s not like they will be an all star or even a 6th man of the year candidate. If the trade is right to get us a better player or a needed player let them go without even thinking twice!!

  10. I would never trade Eric Gordon for Rajon Rondo. Why don’t we target a guy like Kendall Marshall in the late lottery/mid-first round of the draft instead to pair WITH E.G. (with one of the picks we acquire from flipping one of our assets i.e. Kaman or Ariza )…a younger, cheaper option. I actually think this could be the Minny pick. I think Minnesota finishes right outside of the playoff picture, and although Marshall’s stock is rising, I think he projects late lottery. Marshall is arguably the top point guard prospect in this year’s class (with Kabongo, Lilliard, and Teague in consideration as well) and a great, quick, under-control distributor. That combined with our top pick which could very well STILL end up as Anthony Davis (keep in mind the order is determined by a lottery…the worst record is not necessarily a lock for the first overall pick)…we could have a pretty solid core.

    I would love to come away with 3 first round picks in this draft (2 lottery)….think that’s a realistic possibility for us?

    • Kendall Marshall is a big point who is a very good ball handler and a GREAT passer who can’t score and isn’t athletic enough to guard starting PGs. We already have that guy: grevious Vasquez. we need guys who can score.

      • I’d suggest you look at Marshall’s stats or, better yet, watch him play. He scores when his team needs it: 22 against NC State (4-5 on 3 pt.) and 14 against Duke.

        If we can get him with Minny’s pick, I would be ecstatic.

      • Grevious Vasquez won the award for the Best Point Guard in the Country and was first team all american as a senior playing at Maryland with inferior talent compared to UNC. His numbers were twice the numbers of Marshall. Just because he is a successful college player doesn’t mean his talents translate to the NBA. Yes, I do watch him BTW.

      • Vasquez was a lead guard at Maryland (think J. Jack at GTech) which allowed Vasquez to bring the ball up and dribble to his spots to get his shot. He led Maryland in scoring because of that. Marshall isn’t asked to score for UNC that often. So Vasquez does double Marshall in points per game. (Although, Vasquez was only 2nd team all american his senior year.)

        In the all important, for a PG, assists and turnovers, Marshall averages 10 assists with an assist to turnover ratio of over 3.5:1! (That’s crazy good!) Vasquez averaged 6 assists with an assist to turnover ratio never even getting to 2:1 (again because he was a lead guard, not a pure PG).

        This is Marshall’s difference and huge advantage over Vasquez, and his calling card in the NBA. That’s what makes him such a strong NBA PG candidate and useful to the Hornets. Look how valuable Ayon’s passing is to a team that struggles to score. Imaging a PG who can get the ball to Hornet players down low in scoring position (especially if we add Davis or Sullinger). That’s a big deal! (Also, I see Marshall as playing better defense, being more athletic, and being a better scorer than you.)

        Let’s wait and see where Marshall gets drafted and by whom. I think you will be surprised.

      • Look, I like Marshall as much as anyone. But we are a below-average athletic team who cannot score. We need people who bring athleticism and can score. Vasquez is a great passer.

  11. Chris Kaman is the team’s most tradeable asset. Therefore, any trade will be surrounding his contract. However, I am opposed to trading him for scraps. I hope we keep him until the season ends and let his $14 million expire. Now, if the team decides to trade him I hope they include Carl Landry’s $9 million expiring contract just buy looking at what they want in return (1st Rd. Pick, etc.) . Though I still want Landry on the team too.

  12. That first trade is very realistic and fair for all teams involved. Everyone gets what they want. Hornets get a Pass first PG to go with Gordon and a big man out the draft. Celtics get picks and get younger. Houston gets the C they wanted and a decent young PF in Johnson. GREAT TRADE

    • There are some minor factual errors and some speculation, but it’s a decent summary.

      General session, not special session, for instance.


      • I try to be easy on that as I don’t rate well in terms of reading ease, if for other reasons.

      • Yeah, how about spaces after periods and some paragraph breaks. There are also these funny things called commas, that let you know when to pause reading because of a change of subject. I got through four lines of that gibberish and had to quit. I almost went cross-eyed. :/

  13. Is no one worried about the fact that, if we were to land Rondo, we could easily (probably would) play our way out of a top 5 pick, possibly the top 10 judging by the standings. We are very low on talent and the team is already going on the road and winning games in which they are clearly out-classed on a talent level. If the trade were to happen, Monty would have to go from quietly playing not to win and hoping talent prevails (in the opponent’s favor) to being vocally forward about saving our draft position.

    • I disagree. If the Hornets can get Rondo without giving up key pieces (Vasquez, Ayon, Okafor – the teams best center and also an excellent basketball player and maybe Gordon) I say do it. Rondo is a top PG and is just getting into his prime. It is hard to evaluate talent coming out of college (most GMs aren’t really good at all), and a top 5 pick can be expensive for a bust especially when a GM can find cheaper and more talented players lower in the draft or elsewhere (San Antonio has a knack for this. Dell picking Ayon is a very good indicator that he may have The Knack)

  14. I would rather they change everything in sight for next year, if we can’t get anything done this year. What I have plan would be to resign Kaman,Gordon, Landry, and Belinelli. If we could at least resign those players we could assemble some big time changes through Draft, Signings ,Resigning,and trades! here’s what I think after players have been resigned.

    Hornets trade: J.Jack, Minn 1st Round Pick. & Okafor. for Rajon Rondo
    Hornets Trade #2:Carl Landry, Marco Belinelli, & Hornets Future 1st RND Pick pick for Josh Smith or Danny Granger (Most likely J-Smooth)
    (OPT) trade #3:E.Gordon and Chris Kaman for Monty Ellis

    just by adding these 3 players give more hope to NOH.

    More hope would be here if we could Javale McGee from Washington or sign Roy hibbert away from Indiana. We would rising star quality on our team

    PG: Rajon Rondo,Vasquez, Fill-In (FI)
    SG: Monty Ellis, X.Henry, (FI)
    SF:Top 5 DP or J-Smooth, T.Ariza(FI)
    PF: J-Smooth or Top 5, J.Smith (FI)
    C: Javale McGee or Roy Hibbert, Ayon, (FI)

    Starters Only
    Rajon Rondo
    E. Gordon
    Top 5 DP or J-Smooth
    J-Smooth or Top 5

    Either way its goes its hope for us!!!!

    • i like the first idea to get Rondo but it should be the 2013 first rd pick for him but we have to get the Kaman trade out of the way so we can filp the minny first to move up if necessary we’ll have the 1st pick and #10th or 12th pick to get Lillard.I would like to trade Henry for a second rd pick i like Marcus Dennon of Mizzou in the second he can score shoot the 3 and is a good defender.

  15. Pacers should realize the difficulty they face if they try to sign Gordon this offseason. Even if they succeed, what good does it do them having Gordon and George if they can’t move Granger? I wonder if Dell has thought about offering Gordon straight up for George now, and would Bird accept if he is guaranteed Gordon will be healthy by playoffs?

    • I agree 1000% and have been saying trade with whe PACERS!!!!
      The Hornets would trade GORDAN,KAMAN and 1 other player(Aminu maybe) for PAUL GEORGE (6’8-6’10 espn reported during dunk contest he grew a inch or two over the year plus he’s only 21)shooting guard and N.O Native Danny Granger a good score/team player and maybe add a future draft pick.

      Its no secret Gordon wants to be a Pacer so why not take advantage of it and get solid players in return for him. Granger has 3-5 years left in the tank and George shows promise for the next 10-12 years.

      So make a deal with the Pacers!!!!

    • I agree 1000% and have been saying trade with whe PACERS!!!!
      The Hornets would trade GORDAN,KAMAN and 1 other player(Aminu maybe) for PAUL GEORGE (6’8-6’10 espn reported during dunk contest he grew a inch or two over the year plus he’s only 21)shooting guard and N.O Native Danny Granger a good score/team player and maybe add a future draft pick.

      Its no secret Gordon wants to be a Pacer so why not take advantage of it and get solid players in return for him. Granger has 3-5 years left in the tank and George shows promise for the next 10-12 years.

      So make a deal with the Pacers!!!!
      Hornets will get better and Pacers would get there face of the franchise.

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