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  • The Corner Test

    The corner three is one of the most efficient shots in basketball, why? It is the closest distance three point shot in regards to proximity from the basket, especially the short corner. The corner three allows more floor space on the fast break for the ball handler. When a fast break has capable shooters running […]

  • Playoff success for Jrue Holiday result of rare patience in professional sports

    A nation has rediscovered who Jrue Holiday is now that the New Orleans Pelicans have become the only team to sweep their opponent, the Portland Trail Blazers, in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs. Holiday, which can be wagered on bro138 login, dominated on both ends of the floor, proving to be a […]

  • Despite Hawks loss, recent stretch of games prove Pelicans still deserve your support

    On January 1, The Advocate published an op-ed by New Orleans Pelicans beat writer Scott Kushner that explained why fans of the franchise deserved better than what has currently been offered. Considering that the Pelicans have only won one playoff series in the last 15 years, and have displayed nothing but inconsistency since adopting their […]

  • Get us a legit or an decent PG in the rotation

    This team needs a 3pt PG 0/12 behind the arch Vs the Kings was terrible we need some one like Aaron Brooks but we have to wait til march to get him they can sign Manny Harris he can shoot the 3 and they can waive that scrub Squeaky Johnson.

  • Bizzaro Vibe in the Hive

    Let’s just get right into it. The pregame player intro DID NOT work.  I applaud the thought of having a live band for the intros, but the formula needs to be changed if we’re going to continue with this format.  If the point of the player intro is to get the players (and fans) fired […]

  • Ian-stradamus….damn it doesn’t work

    Gentlefolk of basketball land heed my words, I listen to podcasts from around the league and I always hate sensationalism and the eager rush to conclusions.  If a team wins 2 or 3 games in a row their fans (and bloggers) declare them a playoff-caliber team.  I live in Phoenix and I scour every time […]

  • The Hornets not tanking

    With the way they spread the ball on an offensive standpoint really goes to show you this team is for real. They can handle the powerful teams so far but their defense is tough with the recent trades of we got from the CP3 & Pondexter trade has really paid off.The Hornets have scorers and […]

  • A Great Late Christmas Gift

    I was there. And I liked what I saw. Though, I must admit, when I saw Gordon in street clothes same as Ayon, I was a bit creastfallen. “Where are we gonna get those 20ish points from?” But Jarrett Jack lead the way with 21. Landry gave 20. Okafor gave 13. Kaman came off the […]

  • Could Gustavo Ayon be the NBA version of Fernando Venzuela

    It’s seems that way that Ayon could be the next Mexican sports sensation to impact America since the former Cy young winner Frenando Venzuela.With the latino population rising across America Ayon could be a big sports story in major U.S cities with large latino demographics.West coast and Southwestern cities like Houston,L.A,San Antonio and Phoenix,Dallas,Oakland could have large turnouts at their teams home games to […]

  • Could Mo Williams be a Hornet soon?

    ESPN NBA rumors is saying that if the Clippers PG Mo Williams cut the Hornets could be his next destination due to the lack of depth at PG.

  • Hornet Nicknames w/ player analysis

    Jarret Jack = “Cheddar” for his Rat like tendencies and ability to grind on the court. His little dipper shot is infectious and also doesn’t help that next to Sam Cassel, he looks like a rat a little bit. Carl Landry = “LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LANNNNNNNDRYYYYYYY!”  His intensity on the court to play physical down in the paint […]

  • Hornets Season Preview

    The new NBA season is only a few days away (as is Christmas, Merry Christmas everyone), so it’s time to give an in depth look into the upcoming NBA season from a Hornets point of view. First let’s look at things by the numbers. (Combined Winning percentage of opponents) December           .553%  January              .571% February             .505% March                 […]

  • A post katrina New Orleans is the reason for us having the Hornets

    Critics in the past didn’t like us having the Hornets back after two seasons in OKC due to katrina.They said NOLA was the blame for the Sonics to move to OKC to this day pundits from ESPN and others still pull that conspiracy card.Now that David Stern pull a trade that has made that conspiracy fire lit much more […]

  • Could Okafor be traded before the regular season starts?

    With the way Chris Kaman is playing in tonights pre season finale Vs the Grizzlies it would make sense why have 2 starting centers on your team when you really need a point guard the cap space wouln’t hurt also pul with Earl Barron was recently release it would make sense to sign him once you […]

  • Here’s Point Guard that could be interesting a signing with the Hornets

    Andrew Albicy 5’10 from France (Paris-Levallois) 13 PPG,41% 3pt shooter 90% free throws.He’s a speedy drive down the lane player but his weakness is mid range shooting.  

  • Hornets Sign Mexican Center. What next?

    The T-P has an article up saying the Hornets signed the “6-9 or 6’10” 245 lb. Mexican “Center”, Gustavo Ayon.  This means the Hornets now have an excess of bigs, regardless of whether Ayon is a C or a PF, to go along with the excess at SF and possibly a 2012 1st Rounder to use […]

  • Stern is not a bad guy

    I had my doubts like a few people that he was not going to pull through for us but he did and he’s not the frist commissinor to stand up for us NOLA fans Former NFL commish Paul Tagllibue stood up for us after katrina to convince Saints owner Tom Benson to keep the team in New Orleans and it lead […]

  • Hollinger’s West Predictions

    For what it’s worth guys and gals, Mr. Hollinger from ESPN gave us a nice slap in the face today with his Western Conference record predictions. He predicts us to be worst in the west. Obviously he didnt notice how CP3 did little to nothing for us last season until the playoffs, and how after […]

  • Is Gustavo Ayon going to be an impact player for the Hornets?

    This 6’9 or 6’10 Mexican superstar could be an economic impact to the large latino community thats has grew in post katrina NOLA.The arena should be more of an hot ticket to see a latin superstar like Ayon besides Eric Gordon for us americans. As impact player to soon to tell from the youtube videos he seems NBA ready tough,a rebounder and […]

  • Who hates ESPN?

    IMO I do they’re pro big market and anti small market franchises.They’re unfair and unbalance.They’re turning into the fox news channel minus the pro republican propoganda.The sleazy,speculation and tabloid ESPN has become which is sad.

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