A Farewell Sonnet for Marco Belinelli

Published: July 30, 2012

Some goodbye poetry for former Hornet, Marco Belinelli.

Marco is gone and I don’t know how else to express my feelings. An Italian Sonnet for my favorite Italian basketball player. No disrespect Vincenzo Esposito.

You were born into my life August 11th 2010
In exchange for the disenchanting Julian Wright
Julian is now in the D-League; he’s an Austinite
Your shooting stroke struck my heart but the ball mostly struck the rim

1.96 meters you were pretty thin
I saw you at the Warehouse District once at night
You were Italian Supercup MVP in 2005 that was pretty tight
I will never see an Italian flag at the hive again

All Marco does is win win win no matter what
Got money on his mind he can never get enough
And every time he steps up in the building
Everybody’s hands go up
And they stay there and they say “yeah” and they stay there
Up down up down up down

P.S. I spent a few weeks in Italy last May and the hostel I crashed at had a magazine with our former soldier on the cover. Some final photos of our boy hanging out in New Orleans for you to sob over:

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