Hornets Ten Game Winning Streak Box Score Bomb

Published: January 28, 2011

As the Hornets look ahead to Sacramento in hopes of extending their season high ten game winning streak, we are going to take a look back at how the individual players performed in their previous wins. These are all the typical box score numbers from the past 10 games.

Without further adieu, let’s jump right in.

Hornets player stats during their 10 game winning streak

Hornets player stats during their 10 game winning streak

A note- I’m missing nine points, and can’t figure out where they went. Every number I’ve checked so far in all statistical categories has been correct. Playing time is correct literally to the second. Whenever someone is off by nine in math or accounting it can be reasoned that they switched the last two digits of a number like “23” to “32”, but since I didn’t enter the data manually, that seems unlikely. Crunching this data took a lot longer than I thought it would and I literally can’t stare at spreadsheets any longer, so if you can find where the nine points went before anyone else, you win your choice of either a CP3 or a D-West bobble-head. It shouldn’t be too hard to do, but like I said, my brain can’t take it anymore. Or we can just ignore the nine points and move on with our lives, knowing that they are less than 1% of total points scored. Edit-  Thanks to peronas, the problem has been solved and all data is 100% accurate. He wins the bobble-head!

The Leaders

  • Points per game- David West- 20.4
  • Points per minute- Marcus Thornton- .52
  • Shooting percentage- Emeka Okafor- 61.4
  • Shots made- David West-81 (62% more shots made than anyone else)
  • Free throw percentage- Willie Green, DJ Mbenga- 100%
  • Free throws made- Chris Paul- 47
  • Three point shooting percentage- Jarrett Jack- 54.5
  • Three pointers made- Trevor Ariza- 12
  • Rebounds per game- Okafor- 11.9
  • Rebounds per minute- David Anderson- .38
  • Assists per game- Paul- 9.4
  • Turnovers per game- West- 2.7
  • Assist/TO ratio- Pondexter- 8 to 1 (Paul is 4.48, Ariza is 2.25)
  • Steals per game- Ariza- 2.0
  • Blocks per game- Okafor- 1.7
  • Fouls per game- Okafor- 3.6
  • Minutes per game- Ariza- 38:15 (in 9 games)


First off, let’s just note that all of these number are positive. Not even one single player on the Hornets has had the misfortune of being outscored while on the floor during the ten game winning streak.

Player Minutes Played Plus/Minus
D-West 367:21:00 84
Okafor 358:51:00 113
Belinelli 134:54:00 38
CP3 351:58:00 99
Ariza 344:18:00 63
Thornton 194:21:00 58
Smith 117:36:00 13
Jack 202:15:00 24
Q-Pon 117:16:00 7
Green 178:57:00 9
Mbenga! 50:15:00 2
Anderson 26:23:00 5
Gray 30:35:00 7

So after watching the games, living through the joy, and seeing these numbers, who would you say the MVP of this stretch has been?



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