Hornet Nicknames w/ player analysis

Jarret Jack = “Cheddar” for his Rat like tendencies and ability to grind on the court. His little dipper shot is infectious and also doesn’t help that next to Sam Cassel, he looks like a rat a little bit.

Carl Landry = “LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LANNNNNNNDRYYYYYYY!”  His intensity on the court to play physical down in the paint gets me excited. Multiply that with Landry’s smile and he deserves the attention and should really excel this year. Breakout season without West there to hold him back (sadly).

Emeka Okafor = “Easy E” I honestly think Emeka would slot better as a 4 than Landry with Landry coming off the bench while playing next to Kaman. Would the rotation be a bit slower? Yes but it’d be nice to see two big bodies cause havoc down in the paint. Plus, Emeka’s ability to get his midrange shot will be a big key for us this year.

Marco Belineli = “Pass The Pasta” Watching him shoot a three pointer is a thing of beauty. From his form to everything makes me excited to see him on the court. Nobody expects him to be a dominant, physical, presence as a shooting guard but for Marco, the more times he shoots and it goes in, he’s burning up those carbs. Big time.

Chris Kaman = “Kane” Being a pro wrestling fan, the size, to his ability to create in the paint and be a destruction (If he stays healthy) Is a real positive force that we haven’t seen since the Tyson Chandler days not to long ago. All he needs is a mask and he’s set. Kaman is also a quirky and probably dark personality and it just clicks. He’s a Monster for us and it can definitely be in a good way.

Eric Gordon = “Flash” I’d say Eric Gordon probably is the smoothest 2 guard we’ve had since the Glen Rice days. Glen Rice is and always will be my favorite Hornet of all time but what Gordon could do for this team is 2 fold in how he is able to penetrate and get his shot. He’s the ideal guard that will make Jack a better player and somebody like CP3 will be regretting being dealt to his former home. Hopefully he is the player we can bank on for future marketing and stability as THE STAR.

Gustavo Ayon = “The Giant Gonzales” His awkwardness and footwork will make it a really tough transition. If he is able to produce then he will be another abeled body that can bang hips with other 4’s and 5’s around the NBA. Maybe he can be that defensive stopper that pushes this team to the next level. Then again, Giant Gonzales was put in a WM 9 match with the Undertaker and that didn’t exactly come out smelling like roses.

Trevor Ariza = “Brick” You never trust a brick to shoot you into games and nobody will ever trust you offensively. On defense, the brick is a stopper and a man with purpose. He is one of the best defenders in the league from the wing and can really take to Monty’s philosophy of predicating to a defensive first mentality.

Quincy Pondexter = “Q-Pon” Easiest of the nicknames, Quincy can really develop into an aggressive 3 and with more coaching from Monty, Pondexter has a chance to really be something special. He just needs minutes and the only way that is going to happen is if Ariza gets moved. That could be likely but it’d be a salary dump at best and for Quincy to develop his really true potential, he’ll have to get his minutes. Right now, we’re on the express line with this super-saver of a player.

Jason Smith = “GQ” He has the hustle and drive to be an excellent big. He has a decent mid range jumper and never really ever seems to mess up his face to show some personality. He is the opposite Kris Humphries. Humphries will swallow up every rebound in his area while Smith will stand there awkwardly, try to drive, and get denied ultimately. If he can play more into his defensive acumen, then we are looking at a gritty player that may chip a nail every once in a while.

Al Farouq-Aminu = “Farooq” Once, the feared leader of the “Nation of Domination” stable, Farooq beat his opponents to a pulp while using fear as a tactic to disable his enemy. Aminu can be a rising star for this team and a dominant force in a lot of ways. He is especially young but can find the time to be the starting 3 or 4 in a few years when his game is really polished with some proper coaching. Vinny Del Negro is a joke of a coach.

I left out some of the 2nd unit but we don’t even know the majority of this team until the season starts this Monday. if you guys have comments/opinions, please share them. I always love a good Hornets discussion and with me being from Long Island, NY, this is my only source for getting the best kind of Hornets coverage in the media and entire ‘net. I’ll also be posting this on the Hornets 247 Journal section if allowed.

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  1. I thought D-wades nickname was flash cause he got in trouble for wearing those flash band aids in his face. I think Gordon’s nickname should be the Commissioner or Commissioner Gordon. Because he runs thaaannngs!!!!

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