A post katrina New Orleans is the reason for us having the Hornets

Published: December 22, 2011

Critics in the past didn’t like us having the Hornets back after two seasons in OKC due to katrina.They said NOLA was the blame for the Sonics to move to OKC to this day pundits from ESPN and others still pull that conspiracy card.Now that David Stern pull a trade that has made that conspiracy fire lit much more what do this idiots called want us to do surrender our support of the team and get their way no!! hell no us Hornets fans worked too hard to support to let our team go away.They took our Jazz away 31 years ago and they’re not taking our Hornets away. I’m happy our Hornets are getting a new owner(s) soon i hope they’re an no nonsense group one that wants to win ASAP.We’re a sports city not just a football city we take pride in our team,our players and we’re behind them 100%.We’ll prove that small market teams can compete and win we might not win a championship at this time but we’ll prove that NOLA is for real in pro sports.

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