ESPN Podcasts Reference New Orleans Hornets

Published: August 14, 2011

I recently checked out two of my favorite sports writer’s podcasts.  Bill Simmons interviewed Tyson Chandler earier this week and posted an interview of David Stern this Friday.  Here are my quick takes on these. Stern’s is a must-listen.

ESPN’s Bill Simmons Interviews David Stern

Simmons and Stern discuss New Orleans extensively.  Stern seems convinced they are going to hit 10,000 season ticket holders.  He also says that while about “5” buyers have approached the league, they are not “ready” to sell yet.  He says the business community is committed and that the Hornets can make money with some financial support from the state. 

Simmons also grills stern about ticket prices, marketing the clubs “enough” and the NBA’s business model.  They also discuss (with some heated exchanges) the union’s position on revenues and the potential for a full-season lockout.  Stern seems firmly committed to his position on the league’s revenues and seems logical about the amount of money the players can and should be making.  

Stern provides some interesting insight on the potential for a 2011-2012 NBA Season.  I consider this one a must-listen.  There is some great discussion about the New Orleans Hornets, the future of small market teams and the lockout.

ESPN’s Bill Simmons Interviews Tyson Chandler

Interesting interview with Tyson Chandler in which he talks about his progression as a basketball player, including the fact that he and Bill conveniently forgot the 56-26 2007-08 New Orleans Hornets.  Both referenced that he had never been on a “good” team, and Tyson even seems to interject that he was once on a 50-win team in New Orleans, but then gets cut off by Simmons’ insistence that it was the team, not Tyson, that wasn’t any good.  Of course we all remember a different, injury-prone Tyson. But we’re all glad that he finally won a ring, too.

Also some interesting talk about if he had been traded to OKC during the ’08 season, which was aborted because he failed a physical, and the team had concerns about his injured ankle.


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