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Pelicans Poddy Training: 3/19 – 3/25

Published: March 26, 2017

Catch up on the spoken word from our various contributors over the past week + a bonus Pelicast episode from two weeks ago (because it was so good). Scroll to the bottom and you can also find a good preview for tonight’s Pelicans @ Nuggets game from our friends over at the Pelican Debrief.



Locked on PelicansJake Madison

March 20th – Pelicans blowout the Rockets and Wolves, get back to playoff contention?

March 21st – Are the Pelicans better with Cousins on the bench? Previewing Memphis

March 22nd – Cousins scores 41 as Pelicans beat the Grizzlies

March 23rd – Talking hoops with the radio voice of the Pelicans Sean Kelley

March 24th – Coach Nick of BBall Breakdown talks DeMarcus Cousins and the offense



In the NORyan Schwan & Michael McNamara

March 19th – King Solomon and the Boogie



RotoWireMason Ginsberg

March 21st – Talking Pelicans with Nick Whalen of Rotowire



The PelicastKumar & Graham McQueen

March 10th – Chatting with Pelicans Assistant Coach Jamelle McMillan



Pelican Debrief Podcast

March 25th – New Orleans Pelicans v. Denver Nuggets Preview

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