Trew 2 the Game #29: A Joel Meyers Interview

Published: January 14, 2014

Every Tuesday Trew 2 the Game appears on these pages as a column and it also appears in podcast form on the It’s New Orleans broadcast network. This week’s episode is of such importance that the column of the same name is an accessory. That is because anything in the world of audio that Joel Meyers touches has a good chance to be something special. I’m a huge fan of his timing and the old school-ness he brings to the commentary game and was thrilled to have him in the studio.

On the podcast we discuss his early days working in his field, his daily routine to prep for games, his love for New Orleans and of course, his thoughts on the current state of the Pelicans.

Listen to Trew 2 the Game here (also available on iTunes and Stitcher) .

(Note: this was recorded before the Jrue Holiday injury)

(Note: we did not talk about this video below, shame on me)


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