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  • In the NO Podcast Ep. 225: Eastern Conference Preview Part 1

    Michael and I spend the first part of the podcast talking about Asik and Ajinca’s injuries and the impact, and then we get into previewing the Eastern Conference! We group the teams into tiers, and I quickly find I hate the Eastern Conference a lot more than Michael does. Part 2 will follow this weekend. […]

  • In the NO Podcast Episode 181: The Off-season looms

    The Finals are about to start, but the Pelicans beaks are turned towards the off-season, so Michael and I start talking off-season! We talk the Mid-Level Tournament, our wishlists for TYPES of players we’d most like to see join the squad, and who terrifies us the most from the list of players. We also hit […]

  • In the NO Podcast Episode 178: Things fall apart fast

    Michael and I don’t spend too much time talking about the games and all the missing players. Instead we talk about line-ups the team fielded this season, (and how few minutes any of them got) how best to stretch Eric Gordon, what to do with Morrow, what makes Stiemsma great, and what could make us […]

  • In the NO Podcast Episode 173: Anthony Davis turning into a Monster

    Michael and I don’t sing the praises about Anthony Davis enough. Well, we do it for a while tonight. The guy is amazing. We also talk Tyreke, the total lack of any defense played against Los Angeles, poke our usual fun at Monty’s rotations, and then are shocked at the rotations we like showing up […]

  • Game On: Bucks @ Pelicans

    This is one of those games that you feel entitled to a win.  The Bucks are the most lowly team in the league, and even with the roster limited by injuries, the Pelicans have to be better than the Bucks, right?  Right? Probably not.  The Bucks, by their standard, have had a very good last […]

  • Game On: Clippers @ Pelicans

    The Pelicans have lost a series of close games now, and now CP3 and the Clippers come to town to unleash their own brand of high-octane offense. Worse, over the past few months, the Clippers defense has tightened considerably, and what was once their weakness is now a strength as well. As of today, the […]

  • In the NO Podcast Episode 169: Evans wants a Role

    Michael and I cringe about the Brooklyn game (Why do we always do podcasts after losses?) talk about all the good stuff we saw in the previous game, and then focus on Tyreke Evans’ comments about not knowing his role with the team. Michael also semi-apologizes to Brian Roberts, we both take turn grumbling about […]

  • In the NO Podcast Episode 168: Pelicans changing Tactics?

    Michael and I talk about the different things we’ve been seeing the past couple weeks as the Pelicans defense appears to be tightening. We talk about Davis and his crazy run, Jason Smith and his season-ending injury, and discuss why Tyreke Evans has not been particularly effective. As always, we also wonder at why Withey […]

  • In the NO Podcast Episode 167: Anthony Davis going Nova

    Michael and I talk about Jason Smith’s Injury, whether he or Aminu will be back next season, and where the team needs the biggest upgrade. We cover trends for the young guys on this team – the play by Rivers, Withey, and Darius Miller – and who we were most impressed with. We also talk, […]

  • In the NO Podcast Episode 166: Where Injured Pelicans Abound

    Ryan Anderson, Jrue Holiday and Tyreke Evans all walk into a bar. Just kidding, those guys can’t walk! Michael and I talk about the injuries, the fact that this team is now reduced to a lesser version of last year’s squad, whether it’s time to tank, if it’s all Monty’s fault, and we address the […]

  • Pelicans continue to be destroyed by stretch forwards

    Last season, the then Hornets had a habit of being destroyed by sweet-shooting big men as they followed an aggressive pack-the-paint scheme.  That scheme is still in effect, though not as aggressive – but it resulted tonight in much the same thing as last year defensively.  The Suns simply put five guys on the floor […]

  • Season On: Pacers @ Pelicans (Ryan Anderson Out)

    The Pelicans start their official on-court existence tonight, and I couldn’t be more amped up about it.  For the first time since Paul left town, I’m tuning in free of a heavy feeling resignation and a dread of the inevitable.  This team is different.  It has players that have both skill and athleticism in the […]

  • In the NO Podcast Episode 154: Pelicans Basketball Begins

    Gerry V joins Michael and I to bring his coaches eye to what we’ve seen this off-season. We ask him about all the usual suspects, if center is going to be a insupperable hole, Rivers or Roberts, Tyreke on or off the ball, and Jrue Holiday running the point. Then Michael and I talk about […]

  • In the NO Podcast Episode 150: New Orleans Pelicans preparing to fly

    Two more games, two more Pelican victories. The Pelicans continue to lift the expectations of those who watch this team. It’s hard not to feel the hype. Should you? Michael and I talk the games, team weaknesses and strengths, whether Brian Roberts has outplayed Rivers for the backup point position, whether Stiemsma will hold his […]

  • Pelicans remain undefeated in Pre-Season, striking fear into the hearts of all

    “Terrified!” James said, when asked about the Pelicans untarnished dominance in Pre-season.  “I mean, we’re the champs, but have you seen those guys play?” “I wish I was still in New Orleans.” Birdman Andersen broke in from across the room.  “Playing next to Anthony Davis . . . wow!  He’s almost averaging a point a […]

  • In the NO Podcast Episode 145: The Pelicans doing their Summer Thang

    Michael and I get together to cover everything that’s happened over the last month. The Team USA game, articles bashing the Pelicans summer haul, The Greg Oden chase. Remaining roster holes. Estimating a floor/ceiling for the team. The biggest unknowns left for the squad. Enjoy! Give us a call to sound off! 504-322-3333. Enjoy the […]

  • In the NO Podcast Episode 144: The Pelicans NBA Summer League Squad

    Michael and I talk Summer league! How is Austin Rivers developing? Darius Miller? Do Pierre Jackson and Jeff Withey have what it takes to carve out niches on this Pelicans squad? Is Brian Roberts the next big thing? All questions we talk about on this podcast – plus Greg Oden, Anthony Morrow, Stiemsma, Jon Brockman, […]

  • In the NO Podcast Episode 143: Pelicans Free Agency Wrap Up, Part 2

    Tom Ziller of Sactown Royalty joins Michael and I to talk Tyreke Evans. We touch on everything – his defense, open floor acumen, abilities in the Pick and Roll, Isolation talents, whether he hates being a small forward, and if he would willingly take a sixth man role. Then, Michael and I delve into everything […]

  • In the NO Podcast Episode 143: Pelicans Free Agency Wrap Up, Part 1

    In part 1 of the In the NO wrap up of free agency, Gerry V joins Michael and Ryan to talk about whether the team has filled a lot of those holes that were so glaring last season. They talk Evans role on the team, trading Asik for Anderson, whether Jrue Holiday is an upgrade […]

  • In the NO Podcast Episode 132: Post-Mortum 3 with Mason Ginsberg and Jason Calmes

    Michael and I are joined in our 3rd and final Post-Mortum podcast, first by Mason Ginsberg – whom I challenge on his number one player in his Player Rankings, and then Jason Calmes comes on to talk about the health of the Hornets as a business and what they are doing in the off-season to […]