2014 NBA All-Star Weekend

The NBA All-Star weekend is returning to New Orleans, February 14th – 16th, 2014. The game will be broadcast on TNT. This Friday marked the first day of voting. The ballot can be found here. Voting closes Monday, January 20th.

Fans can vote for five starters from each conference. Coaches from each conference will decide each team’s reserves. Like last year, the ballot contains 60 players from each conference split into two categories, 24 backcourt players and 36 frontcourt players. Voters will select 3 frontcourt players and 2 backcourt players from each conference. The voting process has become even more social media friendly this year by allowing fans to vote via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Five Pelicans are on the ballot. Jrue Holiday and Eric Gordon will be featured as backcourt players. Ryan Anderson, Tyreke Evans, and Anthony Davis will all be available options for frontcourt players.

Nick Lewellen’s Notes

  • The first time since New Orleans hosted the game was in 2008. A lot of people have forgotten how important that weekend was for keeping the team here for the long term. New Orleans put on an amazing show and party (no surprise there), while letting the entire world know there were enough dedicated fans to support a team. The weekend couldn’t have gone better for the team or franchise.
  • Guys, vote for Anthony Davis. Tell your friends and family to vote. The fact of the matter is this guy is on pace to have a remarkable season and not just for his age, but the sad fact is a lot of fans don’t know that. Frankly, he won’t get the votes he deserves, because he is young and in a small market. Make him a talking point for the entire weekend by voting him to be the youngest starter on the Western conference squad.
  • Ryan Anderson is one of my favorite players, and we have clearly missed him dearly this season. If he comes back soon and is everything he can be, he will almost be a shoo-in for the 3-point contest. However, Ryno has his sights on another All-Star Weekend competition, the Dunk Contest. Get on Twitter and Facebook and ask the world to #LetRynoDunk.

Lastly, we’ll be expanding this area of the site. Keep coming back.

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