In the NO Podcast Episode 144: The Pelicans NBA Summer League Squad

Michael and I talk Summer league! How is Austin Rivers developing? Darius Miller? Do Pierre Jackson and Jeff Withey have what it takes to carve out niches on this Pelicans squad? Is Brian Roberts the next big thing?

All questions we talk about on this podcast – plus Greg Oden, Anthony Morrow, Stiemsma, Jon Brockman, and Anthony Davis.

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Enjoy the Podcast!

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9 responses to “In the NO Podcast Episode 144: The Pelicans NBA Summer League Squad”

  1. My thoughts during the podcast.  (Spoiler alert)

    Rivers:  I still question Rivers being the 4th guard on this team.  We know who the first three guards are: Holiday, Evans, and Gordon.  After that, the minutes may get distributed based on team need and skill set of the player.  Jackson has speed, Morrow has spot up perimeter shooting, and Roberts is a scorer.  I am still not sure what Rivers special skill is; I don’t think defense really cuts it.

    Withey vs. Jackson:  While I agree that Withey is more ready to play now and Jackson has more upside, but I think they both make the regular season roster.  They are cheap, have upside, and can help in short stints this season.
    Miller:  Not sure I give up on him yet.  Good three point shooter who is solid, but unspectacular in all other areas.  I think it is wishful thinking that Morrow will compete with Miller not Rivers.
    Brockman:  Agree he will not make the team.  He only will look good in the Summer League.  Hard to see him catching on with another team for the season, when he is on Summer League roster.

    Thomas:  Agree he is the guy for the 15th rostered player, unless we find a better cheap player.
    Davis:  Agree, not a C based on his body, and skill set that can do more that bang by the basket.  If neccesary, we can play small ball with Anderson at C for short stretches.
    Oden:  Only worth it on a minimum contract.  Still a huge risk.  He could play C for a short stretches.

    • 504ever Only disagreement I have is Miller.  I think saying he is solid in other areas is generous.  He doesn’t put any pressure offensively or defensively on anyone while he is on the floor.  That isn’t solid, that’s bad.

  2. Summer league basketball is hilarious its like a JV basketball the games are so sloppy with the turnovers and the refs make really late calls and have no idea what there doing.

  3. Maybe since Doc is coaching, AR can find his way to work with CP next off season on how to hit the mid jumper after beating the pk and roll.

  4. loomis, dell, monty and EG flies in town.  To me, that means full court press on Oden.

    I still don’t understand why EG is still rehabbing and talking about getting 100%.

  5. I need help on the question on the pelican report im trying to sign up i want to know is the answer PELIcANS peliCans?

  6. Guys,
    I would love to read a Lopez vs Stiemsma comparison, especially using both Lopez summer 2012 and Lopez summer 2013 versions. (I see them as similar overall, but am interested in both of your opinions.)

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