In the NO Podcast Episode 143: Pelicans Free Agency Wrap Up, Part 1

In part 1 of the In the NO wrap up of free agency, Gerry V joins Michael and Ryan to talk about whether the team has filled a lot of those holes that were so glaring last season. They talk Evans role on the team, trading Asik for Anderson, whether Jrue Holiday is an upgrade on Vasquez, and what Austin Rivers must be thinking now.

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37 responses to “In the NO Podcast Episode 143: Pelicans Free Agency Wrap Up, Part 1”


      • Jason Calmes Yes sir…I’ll catch this on my way into work in the morning…thanks guys!

  2. I love Gerry Vee – I didn’t mean to come off as mocking or something – I’ll tone that schtick down.  Just think he has a unique delivery.  Anyways check out these quotes from our boy Austin Rivers….

    “ My injury gave me a chance to work on my left hand,’’ Rivers said.
    “I’m kind of happy that it’s been a blessing in disguise. I’m not
    trying to go out there and take it to a level where I am out there
    exhausting myself.
    “I want to go out there and work as hard as I
    can and work on all my things. I want to develop my skills in the game
    and that will give me reps going into next year. We still got a lot of
    trade possibilities with our team, so you never know. I’m not focusing
    on that. I want to go out there and play and I believe I can.”

  3. Gerry V, defense was not good b/c of Vasquez getting burned by almost every guard.  I think D will be better b/c our perimeter D will be better.
    I think Aminu was brought back to help with D and cover up slightly for the lack of BIG center.  We will run and Aminu will get more easy points.    Too many changes, had to keep some guys that have the system.

  4. A really good session and thanks, guys, for breaking it up into 2 episodes. Makes it lots easier to digest.
    I’d love to see the Pels get Asik in a trade even if we have to give up Ryno. I’m in sync with GV’s thought process.

  5. Ah yes…the name Jerry V brings up just happens to be Corey Brewer…not going to list all the reasons why again, but I think he would give us great hustle and depth at the positon…not the best at this point, but proven effective and that is what we need to solidify SF

  6. I’m not trying to complain but merely voice my opinion here so please don’t kill me but I don’t get much out of the Gery V interviews.  There’s too much cliche’s and sentiment.  He doesn’t so much analyze as much as he talks at great length to provide a point that takes Michael and Schwan 30 seconds.  I still listen to it and there are always a few things I learn and I can appreciate that I don’t have to always agree with who I am listening to but listen to this and count how many words Ryan and Michael say this entire podcast.  If you edited them all together it’d probably be around 2 minutes of a 40 minute podcast.  He also speaks in such an overbearing, matter-of-fact way that it makes it nearly impossible to have a discussion between the three of them so much as a monologue.  Sometimes he seems misinformed as well about things like Robin Lopez’s rebounding and defense.  I know our rebounding rate was higher when he was on the floor and there was speculation as to why but Jerry said that our rebounding and defense will suffer without FroLo?  Like I said before, I can appreciate someone’s opinions that aren’t my own but at least back it up with something other than knee jerk conjecture.
    I don’t mean to come off harsh or anything as he seems like a great guy but it’d frustrating when half of the total podcast time is dedicated to Jerry V.

    • Yea he talks about trading Anderson for Asik but then goes on talking how about how important three point shooting is in this league.

      • AngryCookies I grew to like JV’s analysis as color commentator or our radio broadcasts, but it took me some time.  I think given his current situation he is simply not up on the amount of specifics we are spoiled with via this great site.  I also felt the comment about losing Lopez’s rebounding was off the mark…sure he was/is a 7ft-er, but I can remember many comments being thown about he we have a center who does not rebound!

      • Exactly that’s why I’m glad we got rid of Lopez guy is 7 ft 255 pounds and making 5 million and he’s third on our team in rebounding with 5.6 per game smh.

      • He doesn’t get the rebounds but the rebounding rate is higher with him on the floor … so he stops an opposing big from getting the rebound, clearing the way for… the best rebounder on the team… yup, Aminu.
        Not every contribution shows in the box score, and when it does it still might not be in your line.
        Disagree with him, dislike all you want, it is your perogative, but it sounds to me like he didn’t say enough and we all need to listen more.

      • Jason Calmes I didn’t remember/know that stat…again more spoilage for us…hopefully the other bigs can provide that similar assistance?  I’d like to have gotten Pekovic..he killed us in the first half at the hive in one of the games I attended last year…did disappear in the 2nd half though…

      • Jason Calmes I hope I’m not sounding like a malcontent or anything.  At the end of the day I get great analysis for free by people who are incredibly intelligent and well spoken on my favorite subject in the world.  I’m not trying to start a coup against Gerry V or anything, I’m just trying to voice my own opinion and I appreciate all you guys do around here.  I also would love to hear from some of the other writers as well though I’m not sure they’d want to be on the podcast.  Remember when you used to be the host Jason?

      • Your objections are well done, responsible, specific, constructive.
        Zero issues with them.
        As the site grows, more stuff will crop up that people like less. Even more than that will be stuff they like. Way of the world.
        I never hosted, but I guested before. I need a better computer setup to contribute to that, video chats, etc.
        Never hosted, was just on a bit since I kind of played Home Alone at the site during the lockout.
        Lobby the guys and they may have us all on more during the season.

      • Jason Calmes I’m dumb, it was Joe Gerity who hosted the first few episodes.

      • JabberWalker Jason Calmes Not the podcast – that was Michael and I all along.  Gerrity actually had a radio show last season – that could be what you are remembering.  Calmes made frequent appearances on that show too.

      • ryanschwan JabberWalker Jason Calmes Listen to the first episode, the first person talking is Joe.

    • JabberWalker Thanks for the feedback Jabber.  Gerry V is loved by some, and not by others, much the same way Michael is.  The next part, posting tonight, will be Tom Ziller, Michael and I.

      I like to pretend that I’m universally loved.  Right?

      • ryanschwan JabberWalker I think you are universally loved so long as you take some time off from the tabletops and record a new intro.

    • JabberWalker My only complaint is that he tends to monopolize the conversation, but I do think he is very insightful

  7. You guys should do a new poll asking should the pelicans trade Anderson for Asik and I guarantee you more than 80% will say no.

  8. RHYNO STAYS!  Anyone who says different has to go through me.
    Great character.
    Great shooter.
    Stretches floor.

    ALL things we NEED! (Also we DON’T need a poison pill contract from an inter-divisional rival)

    • Caffeinedisaster And he has gotten better each year he has been in the league. His defense isn’t the greatest, but I think that will improve this year also.

    • Caffeinedisaster 
      Yeah and Asik has two years left at $5M and $15M.  Anderson has three years left at $8.5M each.  In other words, Anderson’s extra year costs you only $5.5M.
      The only way I would consider this trade is getting Parsons and Asik back now.  I would also consider trading Gordon for Asik in the summer of 2014, when their salaries balance.

    • Caffeinedisaster I like Ryno over Asik by a hair, but I have some qualms with the argument here. 
      1. Great character – This, in some way implies that Asik does not have great character. If he did, this would not be a reason to keep Ryno. I see no evidence anywhere that Asik’s character is less than great. 
      2. Great shooter and stretches the floor are really one point masquerading as two. 
      3. There is no “poison pill” contract. With regard to salary cap, Asik will count for 8.3 million in each of the following two seasons, which is a shade under what Ryno will count for.

      • I think “great shooter and stretches the floor” can be two separate points, but only when referring to big men who can really shoot and can take opposing big men out of the paint. Mike Miller in the corner technically spaces the floor, but what opportunities does it create for your teammates when all you do is take the other team’s weakest defender and essentially take him out of the action? Conversely, by taking an opposing power forward out of the paint, you get rid of a potential shot blocker and make an easier path to the basket for your ball handlers and cutters. Besides that, most bigs are terrible at chasing guys off screens, which generates some nice looks for Anderson from time to time.
        The counter to this, which teams have tried, is going small with a wing on Anderson, and he’s developed some counters to this offensively. For one, he kills them on the offensive boards. Two, he’s developed a nice little fadeaway from the left block that he shoots really well when he has a size advantage. At one point last year, he shot the highest percentage in the league from that spot on the floor. Finally, he has enough height and quick enough release to just shoot over many 3s and have a decent look. And in a spacing sense, it accomplishes the same thing—one less shot blocker.
        In a vacuum, I think Asik and Anderson are similarly valuable players. But I’m in love with the idea of the synergy of a Tyreke Evans/Ryan Anderson bench and crunch time combo. The idea of giving Tyreke Evans, who lives at the rim already, only one big to worry about when finishing is too much fun. And Tyreke can make the easy kick-out pass when he draws the defense in to Anerson. Both

      • Biasvasospasm I was about to reply to McNamara but you already made my points.  Thanks.
        Trading one of the best 3 pt shooters in the game today (also the BEST stretch 4) for an above-average center makes no sense to me.

      • Those (Lin and Asik) contracts are brilliant. I fully expect the league to have to outlaw them sometime in the next five years.

  9. One thing i’m confused about is the experts are now saying that since the Arrival of D. Howard in Houston that there defense will be much improved b/c the perimeter players will know that Howard has there slack, rim protection and all that jazz. Ok, so isn’t Asik billed as a defensive and rebounding big man. Mainly because his offense is so bad. So if his defense isn’t all that good or not near par with Howard, why would we want to trade for him. In reality, Lopez is a better big man.  Im sure when Dell weighs out the pros and cons of each players it’s a no contest. All we really need is a big heavy to lean on the opposing big men to tire them out, i.e. Arron Grey. Not a prototypical starter at Center, just a heavy bench player.

  10. So if one of the issues showing up with this new roaster is a lack of 3 point shooting, why would we worsen that issue by trading arguably the best 3 baller in the leauge? I agree 10000% percent that we desperatly need another big, but I think if we trade ryno for assik we would just be tradding one problem for another. I might be a little bias to Ryno though because I have been a huge fan of his game since he was back in Orlando.

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