Game On: Clippers @ Pelicans

The Pelicans have lost a series of close games now, and now CP3 and the Clippers come to town to unleash their own brand of high-octane offense. Worse, over the past few months, the Clippers defense has tightened considerably, and what was once their weakness is now a strength as well. As of today, the Clippers have the 3rd best offense and 11th best defense in the league. The Pelicans, on the other hand, continue to boast a bottom five defense – and have finally fallen out of the top ten offensively, slipping to 11th overall.

In the past, the Pelicans have managed to take down the Clippers, but it’s always been in an offense showdown, with both teams dropping copious amounts of points. Let’s hope the Pelicans can keep pace tonight and make it a good one!

Keys to the Game:

  1. Crash the Boards.  Despite Deandre Jordan developing into a skilled rebounder this year, the Clippers wings and guards contribute next to nothing on the glass.  As a result, the Clippers are a bottom 5 defensive rebounding team and a bottom 10 offensive rebounding team.  The Pelicans should focus-seal Jordan and send the wings to rebound for big numbers.
  2. Don’t foul.  Yeah, this isn’t going to happen, but the Clippers put up the second highest rate of free throws in the league.  The Pelicans have to stop playing stupid with fouls at some point, right?
  3. Let Blake Griffin catch in the post.  First off, don’t believe the hype – Blake Griffin is a capable scorer in the post.  He is a lot more than just dunks.   BUT, the Clippers are merely okay when Blake Griffin is posting up.  When CP3 is orchestrating things?  Calamity ensues.  There are three options when facing the Clippers.  Blake, CP3 and Jamal Crawford.  Blake is probably the best choice – because Crawford and CP3 are going to bury the Pelicans poor perimeter defense.

Enjoy the game!  And everyone drink each time Crawford takes a pull up jumper and jerks his body wildly as he releases.  Refs buy that crap all the time, so he does it ALL. THE. TIME.

Game starts at 7:00 CT.

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