Feeds for Hornets247

Gimmie them feeds

We publish quite a number of feeds here on Hornets247, all RSS version 2.0. Here’s the full list:

What the hell is RSS?

RSS is a format for syndicating the news or content of a website or blog. An RSS-aware program (often called an aggregator) can check the feed for changes and react to the changes in an appropriate way. So, essentially, you can see what’s new here without actually visiting the site.

Such an RSS-aware program can be an online service (such as NewsGator, Bloglines or MyYahoo), or a program you can download and run from your desktop (such as FeedReader). Some browsers (such as Firefox or Opera) let you subscribe to an RSS feed via an active or live bookmark. Keep an eye out for the RSS icon in your address bar. Hit that and the rest should make sense. (Note: Internet Explorer browsers earlier than version 7.0 won’t let you do this, because they suck.)

For more general info on RSS feeds, check out this Wikipedia page. If you have any difficulty with one of our feeds, contact us via our About page.