Who Gets The Headliner Spot in the Pelicans Gameday Lineup?

Published: August 14, 2019

It’s the NBA off-season. Even worse, it’s post-trade flurry, pre-training camp offseason. You have to squint to see the storylines. At least the schedule dropped, giving us diehards something to break down and analyze. Rest those eyeballs for a minute now, and let’s dissect how the order of the Pelicans starting lineup announcement should play out.

Is it important who gets the “headliner” slot? On a socially healthy team with good chemistry, probably not. Does it matter to the players who goes last? Probably, yeah. Do the Pelicans have a couple of ways this can play out? Absolutely.

Jrue Holiday

The longest-tenured guy, the alleged MVP candidate, the already elected leader of the locker room. Moving Jrue to the headliner spot would mean a couple of things –

  • When he was asked if he would like to go last, he said yes.
  • If he said yes it would mean he is taking his role as the guy very seriously
  • If he is taking his role as the guy very seriously he will win MVP

Accuse me of Basketball Hyperbole in August all you want, this formula makes complete sense to me. On the other hand –

Zion Williamson

The player most New Orleans fans are most excited to scream for is, durr, Zion. He will sell the most jerseys, capture the most attention, attract the most eyeballs. But word from the Pelicans thus far is all about bringing Zion on slowly. Word from Zion is how much of a team player he is, how mature he is. If Zion grabs the headliner spot in the starting lineup announcements it means –

  • He’s not only going to win Rookie of the Year, but he’ll make an All-NBA team
  • If he makes an All-NBA team then the Pelicans make the playoffs
  • If the Pelicans make the playoffs in 2020 then the Pelicans will never miss the playoffs ever again

Think I’m exaggerating, just because it’s August? This is not speculation, this is basketball math and science. While we’re here –

Brandon Ingram

from Yahoo Sports3

True, we don’t even know if Ingram will be a starter. But if he scores a spot in Gentry’s opening lineup and he gets the headliner treatment, that can only mean the following –

  • Brandon Ingram will have the most productive year of his career
  • If he has the most productive year of his career he will be an All-Star
  • If Ingram is an All-Star then the first step to New Orleans winning the Davis trade is complete

(is the offseason over yet)


Chris Trew is a comedian, writer, and actor based in New Orleans who’s been a season ticket holder since forever. His work has been seen in GQ, MTV, Comedy Central, and featured on NBA.com. To read Chris Trew‘s book about sitting behind the visitor’s bench at Pelicans games, click the link.

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