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  • Who Gets The Headliner Spot in the Pelicans Gameday Lineup?

    It’s the NBA off-season. Even worse, it’s post-trade flurry, pre-training camp offseason. You have to squint to see the storylines. At least the schedule dropped, giving us diehards something to break down and analyze. Rest those eyeballs for a minute now, and let’s dissect how the order of the Pelicans starting lineup announcement should play […]

  • Top 3 Schedule Requests for the New Orleans Pelicans 2019-2020 Season

    NBA schedule heads, I humble stand before you with a mere handful of requests intended to maximize entertainment for the most intriguing team in your league. New Orleans is not like most places and with all due respect to spots like Milwaukee and Minnesota and their plethora of things to do year-round, they have no […]

  • Predicting The Anthony Davis “Thank You New Orleans” Instagram Post

    Whenever a notable athlete leaves one town for another, it always comes with the three I’s: introspection, image control, and the Instagram post. In a perfect world, the latter captures the formers. Your superstar bolts for alleged greener pastures and you hunker down for the impending photographic storm – the Thank You, See You Later […]

  • How To Get “Let’s Dance” to “Who Dat”

    Every fan base wants one, almost every fan base needs one, some are desperate for a half decent one (see: Carolina Panthers “Keep Pounding”). It’s a sports team’s catch phrase, their hype slogan, a sticky saying slung together by the marketing department and, best case scenario, swiftly adopted and easily mashed up with the city’s […]

  • The New Movement is Hosting Another Monthly Hangout For Pelicans Fans Tonight

    Who: You! Plus members of Pelicans media (blogs, podcasts, radio, TV) What: A chill “let’s hang out and get hype for the upcoming season” meetup (9:30-10:30) followed by a live recording of “Locked on Pels” inside the theater at 10:30p Where: The New Movement, the only full time New Orleans comedy venue. 2706 St. Claude […]

  • The New Movement is Hosting a Monthly Hangout For Pelicans Fans

    Who: You! Plus members of Pelicans media (blogs, podcasts, radio, TV) What: A chill “let’s hang out and get hype for the upcoming season” meetup (6:30-8:00) followed by a live recording of “Locked on Pels” inside the theater at 8:00p Where: The New Movement, the only full time New Orleans comedy venue. 2706 St. Claude […]

  • Want to attend the New Orleans Basketball Hangout Happy Hour?

    Who: You! Plus any basketball fans you know! What:  We’ll spend the afternoon on the patio of The New Movement discussing the upcoming Pelicans season, vent frustrations about not signing whatever free agent, fantasize about the Pelicans front court, and cross our fingers that Solomon Hill shows up to drink us under the table. When: Thursday, August […]

  • Where should the Pelicans G-League Team Go and What Should Their Name Be?

    You know it’s coming, you know what it is, but you don’t know where it’s going. It’s true that nobody, really, knows the answer to that. But it’s the offseason and this is the kind of thing I devote brain space to because I want to. And frankly, I have to do whatever I want […]

  • Free Ideas to Decorate the Smoothie King Center

    When I was a kid I re-arranged the furniture in my room at least once a month. Later my mom revealed that her mom did the same thing and so every time I spent a Sunday afternoon pushing my bed to the other side of the room or switching the bookshelf with the dresser, it […]

  • Trew 2 the Game: Happy Boogie Gras

    Chances are you’ve read a fair share of DeMarcus Cousins news lately. The most terrifying front court in years, the Kentucky connection, the big man to big man pick and roll. While every single one of those things you’ve read are 100% valid (so was me breaking the news to Anthony Davis), let’s kick our […]

  • Making King Cake with the King Cake Baby

    I got to attend an event yesterday that was part Mardi-Gras, part NBA All-Star Game, and part Pelicans. Therefore, and this should come as no surprise to anyone, it was the best party 2017 has seen so far. After entering Haydel’s Bakery (4037 Jefferson Hwy), we bared witness to a mashup of talent that, honestly, rivals […]

  • 3-on-3: New Orleans Comedy Edition

    What’s up Pelicans fans! Chris Trew here – I scooped up three comedians who all perform at the New Orleans comedy venue The New Movement and grilled them with the same three questions. Questions that dig deep into the psyche of the squad. Questions that matter. Questions that nobody (literally nobody, probably) is asking. Questions to […]

  • Media Day Musings

    Media day came and went. Questions were asked and answered. Some questions were danced around. Players and mascots literally danced around. It’s the official start of the season, everyone is undefeated, (almost) everyone is positive, and I’ve got some photos to share. Let’s go! The Pelicans gift shop is pretty good at having an insane […]

  • While We’re Waiting (#1 in a Series)

    At the time of this post we’re still approximately five weeks away from the NBA season which to hoops heads can feel like five years. That’s a long time to wait for your favorite hobby to make its way back to your daily life and sometime after the draft and before training camp we all […]

  • What has been up to?

    Look, we don’t pretend to be the only source for Pelicans content. By my count there’s hundreds of blogs, newspapers, podcasts, zines, radio shows, television shows, magazines, and message boards and it’s impossible to consume all of it. In fact, the only type of person who has a shot at attempting this is someone who aims to […]

  • Let’s Break Down This Weekend’s Select-A-Seat Event

    What: A bunch of Pelicans fans, from the low level casual to the high ranking diehards, wandering around the best named arena in all of sports, scouting their view for the upcoming season, from the “nosebleeds” all the way down to the lower level. We should note that there’s not actual “nosebleeds” in the Smoothie King […]

  • Trew2theGame presents: The Pelicans Swoop Troop in a comedy show

    Looking for something to do this Saturday? The weekly storytelling/improv mashup event The Megaphone Show is going down at the best place to see New Orleans comedy, The New Movement. The show combines All-Star comedians from the theater plus the true stories of a notable local. This weekend the crew is joined by members of the Pelicans […]

  • Video: Draft Lottery Voodoo for the Pelicans

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  • On this day in New Orleans NBA history

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