76ers beat Pelicans, Everyone Wins

Yup. Pels got a loss and retained their spot near the bottom of the league. The Sixers get to avoid tying the worst-season ever record.  Would I have liked it to be more competitive?  Sure.  But what are you going to do when MVP Carl Landry is going nuts on you? (Yes, there were MVP chants for Landry.  Which is pretty funny, really.)

The Pels hit their shots and did alright on the boards – but they turned the ball over like crazy (almost like they hadn’t played that much together) and the Philly bench hit their deep shots.  Philly’s length was a real problem for the Pels – who have been getting away with tight interior passing over the past few games – but the 76ers do have some long athletes, and they were able to tip away those looks and get out and run.


  • Frazier’s numbers were better than Ish’s, but he didn’t really out-Ish Ish Smith fully.  Some of his shots weren’t falling (which should be expected based on his career numbers) but his passing was still fine.
  • Ish, on the other hand, didn’t have much trouble getting to the middle of the floor against the Pels.  Especially Douglas.
  • Nerlens Noel played and was alright.  Does anyone wish the Pels had kept him rather than getting Jrue?  He’s struggled with injuries a lot too – and I’m still not convinced that he’ll ever be a consistent impact player.  He can track people on the perimeter (and he did it a couple times well in this game) but I still think even skinny NBA big men can overpower him.
  • Ajinca had one of those games where you think he can be a viable NBA big man.  Of course, it came against Elton Brand, Carl Landry, and 18 minuts of a hobbled Noel.
  • 8 players took the court for the Pelicans – and Omer Asik didn’t play a minute, despite being listed as healthy.  I’m still trying to take a balanced view of Asik – considering he still has a defensive impact – but I’m also starting to think he might have gotten paid . . . and now he’s good.

Next game is tomorrow night versus Boston.  Come join the end of season Watch Party down at Tracey’s!

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