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  • 76ers beat Pelicans, Everyone Wins

    Yup. Pels got a loss and retained their spot near the bottom of the league. The Sixers get to avoid tying the worst-season ever record.  Would I have liked it to be more competitive?  Sure.  But what are you going to do when MVP Carl Landry is going nuts on you? (Yes, there were MVP […]

  • Game On: Pelicans @ 76ers

    I’m not sure how many people in Philly will be at this game – considering the quality of players being fielded and the fact Villanova took the national title game last night.  There might be much partying and less bad 76ers watching. And boy are these Sixers bad.  It’s possible, should they not win another […]

  • Pelicans avenge 76ers loss

    Dare I say it?  Do I talk about cohesion and team play and sharing the ball?  Or do I just chalk it all up to the team looking good playing a totally overmatched squad.  I’d love to make this recap all rainbows and flowers, but good lord – did you look at that starting line-up […]

  • Game On: 76ers @ Pelicans

    Danger!  Danger! The Pelicans won a high-energy game last night against Dallas that went down to the wire, and today get to face a bottom-dwelling 76ers team at home.  The team needs to keep their focus up, since the 76ers got their largest win of the season (by margin of victory) against the Pelicans just 10 days ago. […]

  • Monty tightens Rotation as Pelicans handle 76ers

    The Pelicans weathered an early and unusual three-point barrage from the 76ers, and when those shots dried up – like they should when you are playing a non-shooting team – kept adding to their lead bit by bit.  In the end, they won 121-105, and were never really threatened in the fourth quarter. Despite the […]

  • Game On: Pelicans @ 76ers

    Once again, the Pelicans are meeting the 76ers after a crushing loss and a heart-breaking loss. Last time, the Pelicans fought the go-go 76ers and dominated their small ball line-up behind a monster game by Anthony Davis. Tonight, they will again face a team again forced to play hardcore small-ball as their one big man, […]

  • Game On: Philadelphia 76ers at New Orleans Pelicans

    The Pelicans are back home, as they try to get back on track after their embarressing three game road trip that saw them drop games to the Suns, the Lakers, and the Utah Jazz. When the schedule was first released, tonight’s game looked to be yet another cupcake on a schedule that was full of […]