Game On: Pelicans at Celtics

Published: April 6, 2016

The Pelicans catch a break tonight as Evan Turner will miss the game with an eye abrasion.  Since Turner is, you know, probably the Celtics 7th best player, this game will be close.  Or the neo-Pelicans may just run into a team that ranks 10th in offense and 4th in defense, realize they are mostly d-league players and get smacked.

One of those two outcomes are likely.  I’ll let you pick which one you like.

At least the game could be fun, since the Celtics are another one of those teams that flout the rule that if you are fast-paced you can’t defend, ranking 3rd in pace in the league to go with their 4th ranked defense.

Is there a chance the Pelicans can win?  Of course.  There’s always a chance.

Keys to the Game

  • The Celts force a high number of turnovers.  This iteration of the Pelicans pass freely but outside of Tim Frazier can also turn the ball over a lot.  To have a chance, they need to keep the turnovers under 13 for the game.
  • Attack, Attack, Attack.  The Celtics primary defensive weakness is that they foul people freely, ranking 27th in defensive free throw rate.  If the Pels can get a head of steam going to the basket, they’ll probably get a good number of free throws.
  • Gang-rebound.  The Celts are the 7th best offensive rebounding team in the league.  If the Pelicans are going to slow their scoring, they need to limit them on the offensive glass.  Not sure who, exactly, is going to do that for the Pels – so I guess everyone will have to do it.

Enjoy the Game!

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