Hornets True Stories

I own a comedy theater in Austin, Tx. The fix-it-all guy at our theater is a Spurs fan. One of our best up-and-coming improv students is a Mavericks fan. A fella I work with occasionally on some off-site bookings is a Grizzlies fan. My lawyer is a Rockets fan. The first time I talked basketball with them and explained how I was born in New Orleans and am a die-hard Hornets fan they all seemed confused.

My Aunt Laurie once told me a story about a girl she works with who’s neighbor has court side season tickets and she thinks she can set me up. My friend Kelly once posted pictures on Facebook of her sitting courtside at a Hornets game and has offered to include me sometime. I know a guy named Math (he’s an actual rocket scientist) who says he sometimes has last minute seats available. I would seriously consider cancelling whatever, renting a car and zooming to Nola if I ever got that phone call.

Opening night we drove eight hours from Austin to New Orleans. We hit Baton Rouge traffic and there was a little rain on the way. 6:30p. There was an accident on the exit near the Arena. 6:50p. Couldn’t find a place to park, 6:57p. Rental car gets parked pretty illegally and we run to the Arena just in time for the opening ceremonies.

At my comedy theater we teach our students to keep the Truth in Comedy. The scenes are usually a lot funnier when performers learn to act (and react) to things honestly. My real life adventures with this team haven’t even really begun and I can’t wait.

– Chris Trew

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