• Game On Home 1

    The New Orleans Pelicans vs. The Oklahoma City Thunder

    The OKC Thunder are traveling south tonight to take on our Pelicans. The game will be on TNT so no Joel Meyers or David Wesley, which is sad, but I think...

  • Game Recap Lose 2

    The Pelicans fall to Thunder

    I know they lost, but I enjoyed that game.  Every Pelican available played, and every Pelican left everything they could on the floor.  Had the Pelicans shot a little closer to their...

  • Game On Away 4

    Game On: Pelicans @ Thunder

    Alright, I have good news and bad news.  The bad news is the Pelicans play again tonight.  Against the Thunder.  In OKC.  And Anthony Davis’ status is unknown.  And Cole, Evans,...

  • Game Recap Win 3

    What a Game: Pelicans @ Thunder

    Instant Classic tonight, folks.  It had all the right ingredients for a game you’ll remember all year, and I’m seriously pumped.  It had heroes.  It had goats.  It had amazing shots....

  • Game On Away 5

    Game On: Pelicans @ Thunder

    I’m feeling pretty good about our chances tonight. The Pelicans have a history this season of losing games that were stacked in their favor – and winning games where they were...

  • 2012-2013 Banner vs Thunder

    Game On: Thunder @ Pelicans

    The red hot Pelicans take on the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight in the finale of a six game home stand which has given a boost of confidence to fans and players alike,...

  • Game Recap Win 1

    Observations on Thunder @ Pelicans

    After the Wizards game, Monty said over and over that the team had lacked ball movement and that needed to be fixed.  Tonight, the team came out moving the ball snappily...

  • Game On Home 2

    Game On: Thunder @ Pelicans

    The Thunder have returned to scary.  Westbrook is back.  Durant will probably be back tonight. It doesn’t matter what sort of rust their might be clinging to Durant’s game, put those...

  • Game Recap Win 4

    Evans Dominates, Pelicans Beat the Thunder

    Tyreke Evans the Pelicans brought it right at the heart of the Thunder defense all night long, and it paid off. Evans dropped a career high 41 points and got just...

  • Game On Home 6

    Game On: Thunder @ Pelicans

    Tonight the Pelicans take on the Thunder in the second to last game of the year for both teams. If the Pelicans are to avoid a 50 loss season, they’ll need...

  • Tyreke Evans

    Tyreke Evans Hurt, Thunder Win

    After an aggressive start to the game which saw no less then two two-handed dunks by Eric Gordon, the Pelicans were smothered by the Thunder defense and had real difficulty springing...

  • Game On At Home

    Game On: Thunder at Pelicans

    Two similar offenses collide tonight as the Pelicans welcome OKC to town.  You’re probably a little surprised to hear that the offenses of these two teams are similar, considering the gap...

  • GordonCartoon

    New Orleans Pelicans’ Eric Gordon to Play Tonight Against Thunder

    The New Orleans Pelicans are on the road tonight to face off against the Oklahoma City Thunder in Tulsa at 7. The game is not being televised in New Orleans but...

  • Jason Smith

    Thunder roll Hornets

    The game is still on, In the dark I sit I just watched my team play like Sh-t. Durant barely tried, yet still triple doubled, By the second quarter my hopes...

  • Gametime_Pictures

    Game on: Hornets @ Thunder

    After a loss to the Gently Repulsive Nets, things don’t get any easier on the Road.

  • Westbrook

    Hornets Can’t Keep up with High Powered Thunder

    Hustle. Work hard. Never give up. Monty can preach these things to his team all season, and on some nights like Monday against the Clippers, these things will be rewarded with...

  • Kevin Durant

    Game On: Thunder @ Hornets

    Keys to the Game 1. Create Turnovers Without Fouling The Thunder turnover rate is the highest in the NBA, but when these teams met two weeks ago, the Hornets were unable...

  • In the NO Podcast Episode 99: Talking Rebuilding with The Daily Thunder

    Royce Young of the DailyThunder ESPN Truehoop blog joins us to talk about how the Thunder built themselves a contender on the back of draft picks and young players.  Then the...

  • Hornets drop their ninth straight despite strong effort against the Thunder

    Again, the Hornets scratched and clawed, but come up short against a healthy and talented Thunder squad

  • Game On: Hornets @ Thunder

    Hornets walk into OKC as David, looking to slay Goliath.

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