Game on: Hornets @ Thunder

Published: February 27, 2013

After a loss to the Gently Repulsive Nets, things don’t get any easier on the Road.

It’s the second night of a back to back, so Eric Gordon will sit.  The Hornets are on the road – and they draw the Thunder.   This is the last matchup for the Hornets against the Western Conference’s defending champions, and in the previous three games the Hornets were outscored by a total of 40 points.

Still, this is the NBA, where Sacramento can be blown out by the Hornets and then take the Miami Heat to two overtimes just a couple days later.  No team wins every game, and we know the Hornets will be game to give it a try to tonight.  So if the Hornets are to win, what are the keys to the game?

  • Don’t Foul – The Thunder are the second best offense in the league because they draw the league’s highest rate of free throws.  The Hornets are about league average at giving out free throws.  Tonight, they have to be more disciplined.
  • Crush the glass.  The Thunder are below a little below the league average on both the offensive and defensive glass – particularly the defensive glass.  If the Hornets can assault the boards with vigor, one of their strengths, they have a good chance.
  • Generate turnovers.  The Hornets are bad at generating turnovers.  The Thunder like to give them away.  If the Hornets can find a way to be less bad at generating turnovers, it could pay off in a big way.

Update: Anthony Davis did not travel with the team and will be out due to a sprained left shoulder.  Item number 2 just took a hit.

Enjoy the Game!


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