The Pelicans fall to Thunder

Published: November 18, 2015

I know they lost, but I enjoyed that game.  Every Pelican available played, and every Pelican left everything they could on the floor.  Had the Pelicans shot a little closer to their normal percentage from three or not had to deal with a 9 to 40 free throw attempt discrepency, they would have snuck away with the win.

Anderson played angry – even snagging a flagrant foul – and worked hard out there – in the post, off the dribble, everywhere.  For most of the game, he wasn’t even looking for his three point shot, operating purely in and around the paint, and I fully expect his torso is covered in bruises.  Guess how many foul shots he drew as he got mugged about half a dozen times?  Yeah.  Zero.  Whatever.


  • I love Hubie Brown as an announcer.  His love of the game is infectious and entertaining.  Love his work.
  • Ajinca had a big impact on this game – and it was probably his best effort of the season.  Sadly, he couldn’t stay on the court for more than 23 minutes because of the same old story: foul trouble.  Still, 12 points, 10 rebounds and a pair of blocks to go with battling on the glass so teammates like Cunningham, Gee and Babbitt could swoop in and grab boards.
  • Since Ish Smith was guarding him in the first quarter, Westbrook opened the game taking him into the post.  While it was effective for him when he shot, it really threw off the Thunder offense.  They weren’t really in a flow at all that first quarter, playing an unfamiliar style.
  • Ish has his issues, but there’s no denying he was in constant attack mode – and that set up the team for a number of shots.
  • If Anderson wasn’t the Pelican’s best player, Dion Waiters might have been.  When his team drew favorable matchups, he inevitably ignored them to take a 20-foot jumper.
  • Fredette was unbelievably bad.  If you watch the tape, he enters the game, has his man flash by him twice for baskets, dribbles into a baseline crowd, ignores an open outlet pass, then dribbles out of bounds.  That’s his first 2 minutes of game time.
  • Anderson was using all the moves on Ibaka in tonight’s game.  It was impressive to see him work a clearly superior athlete like that.

Next game is Friday against the Spurs at home.  Maybe the team will have more than 8 players and a Fredette in that game?


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