In the NO Podcast Episode 184: Free Agency and Making room for Asik

Free Agency is opening shortly, and Dell Demps has a lot to get done in a short time. Michael and I talk about everything he has/can accomplish. We touch on the chances Anderson, Gordon or Rivers may be gone in a few weeks. We talk about Draft night, the acquisition of Russ and departure of PJ. We talk sign and trades with Aminu or Smith, bird rights, cap space, Mid level exceptions, and the Luxury Tax. We talk about other teams and what they might look like, and we make predictions about when we’ll see the final trades going down this off-season.

It’ll be an important off-season. Big stuff on the horizon!

Enjoy the Podcast!

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11 responses to “In the NO Podcast Episode 184: Free Agency and Making room for Asik”

  1. Great podcast. Loved how you addressed the insiders with tunnel vision on rebuilding.

  2. Hopefully the narrow minded fan can grasp the fact that the draft and creating a big 3 is not the only way to build a team……..

  3. I know that we want AD in the paint, but I do see where we play AD, RA, Asik at the same time due to having Tyreke and Jure’s length and D in the backcourt.

    I do think Dell has to pull off the best option with a trade(which is EG) to protect the value in the MLE, birds, etc or he will be gone.
    Just can’t throw away RA and or Rivers for Asik.

    If he does pull off a miracle, we should look at another SG that is a shooter in addition to SF.

  4. Anthony Davis is adding stretch 4 to his repertoire of things he already does well.  He’s talked about working on his corner 3, which will make Asik/Brow/Ryno an even more dangerous lineup assuming his work & the Asik trade have not made Ryno a trade asset.
    Please God, let it be Gordon that leaves.  I would hate to trade Ryno when he’s such a great teammate and elite at what he does.  I would hate to give up on Rivers when he made such a jump last year.

  5. I’m pretty sure Dell has a couple of options on the table involving Gordon….I don’t think he would’ve pulled off the Asik trade if he didn’t have a Gordon deal on his desk…..As for as Ryno is concerned, I don’t think he’ll be traded…..he’s key to what Dell is trying to build. Why trade a guy with a good contract with a elite skill set…..

  6. Thrilled to hear you guys take on the metrics mafia. They have all the answers as far as winners and losers for every situation, but can’t show you where their by the numbers approach actually produces championships. (For lots of reasons, I hope that Philly turns out to be Cleveland on time-release. Notice how Hinckie even had MCW so programmed to think of himself as an “asset” that Carter showed up at the draft and tried to trade himself to make room for Payton!) I’m much more hopeful after hearing the possibilities for making some trades around the Asik deal that there are real options in the next few days for a Pelicans roster upgrade centered on the addition by subtraction of Gordon. (Oh please.) Best caae scenario, we lose Gordon, keep Anderson, and PJ Tucker’s left corner three follows him here.

  7. Anderson is luxury? I do not agree. Ömer and Anderson will complement each other perfectly. One brings in great defense, the other one is a stretch 4 who is a great offensive player. 
    Suppose you play against small lineups (i.e. Phoenix), then you might not need Ömer, you can give more minutes to Anderson. Suppose you play a team with a strong Center (i.e. Houston), you can give more minutes to Ömer. 96 minutes are available to PF/C. You can give 36-40 to Davis, and divide the remaining 56-60 in between Ömer and Anderson.
    To me the Actual Luxury is Gordon because now  we have Tyreke at SG position. And looks like Tyreke and Gordon are not going to start together as I hoped when he was signed last summer. It is clear that Tyreke is a better performer as a starter and he underperforms coming from the bench. Gordon will never accept to come out of the bench because of his unreachable caliber.

    I hope it is Gordon who is leaving this summer. He is a the actual luxury with his 15 mil contract.

  8. Kempleton To be fair, I think Ryan said he thinks the team views him as a luxury. I dont think abybody like Anderson more than Schwan. He would keep him here if it were up to him

  9. Phone calls/conversations are indeed taking place as sides are discussing parts of the maze…”i sign establish market value… take him and i”ll take him after so and so agrees to package this for that”…you see where i’m going with this? Call me when he get a small fwd that has some game in him.

  10. Plus i need to hear that Ryan Anderson can play…run…turn neck.. bounce up and down…head and neck mobility…etc…if he is going to be ok he is a valuable long ball hitter that is a quality every roster must have.

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