Devonte’ Graham Video Breakdown

(Photo Credit: Charlotte Hornets)

I know some people have been really disappointed in the offseason so far, but I think part of the reason for the disappointment is because many don’t know much about our new players. Now, I won’t pretend I’ve watched every Graham game or that I’m an expert on him, but I did do a good amount of homework on him so you don’t have to & I’ll give my thoughts in the following video. Originally it was going to be a little 2-4min video but now it’s hovering around 20mins. If the length of the video scares you, don’t worry it’s broken down into simple digestible sections: Rim scoring, Close-Mid, Deep-Mid, 3pt, and Assist. That way you don’t have to watch all 20mins in one sitting, although I do recommend watching the full video because Devonte’ uses every part of his game to set up his passing so it’ll give you a good understanding of how he works.

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