New Orleans Pelicans MLE Tournament Champion Crowned

Published: June 29, 2014

Today, we were supposed to launch our finals matchup, which was set to feature PJ Tucker and Andray Blatche after they dominated their semi-final matchups. But with the acquisition of Omer Asik, the representative of Blatche (Jake Madison) has waived the white flag. When asked for comment, Madison responded, “I really think Blatche could have taken the whole thing, but with Demps making the move for Asik, it is obvious that my client can go no further here.”

So your winner, somewhat by default is PJ Tucker. Tucker dominated this tournament, including his final match-up against Thabo Sefolosha, garnering 78% of the votes (Blatche received 69% against Seraphin). And with small forward still a huge need for this Pelicans team, it would make sense for Dell to add Tucker. In fact, it would fit the profile of what he has already done this offseason, as Russ Smith, Omer Asik, and Patric Young are all considered defensive minded, tough guys. PJ Tucker fits perfectly in that group. In one offseason, the Pelicans can go from a finesse team that struggles on defensive and on the boards to a team that is elite in those areas if they add Tucker.

So, we are sorry for the anti-climatic ending, but it has been fun. Thanks to all of you for reading, commenting, and voting. Free agency begins Monday night at 11:01 PM CT. We will have our answers soon enough.

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