Austin Rivers Sits, Hornets Lose to Mavs

Published: July 20, 2012

The Austin Rivers-less Hornets lost one to the Mavs in the lead up to their Summer League finale. It was… how do you say… UGLY.

Austin Rivers missed tonight game with “lower leg soreness”

A few bullets for you to consider while you wait for videos to be uploaded:

  • Darius Miller was yet again unimpressive. 2-7 with 4 boards in 17 minutes with zero assists and 2 turnovers.
  • Brian Roberts plays a very controlled style of game, rarely making really dumb plays. He said earlier that he wasn’t ready to be an NBA player when he left college, but he’s worked hard since then and thinks he’s ready to give the big time a shot. He stayed in the game late in the third after going down and injuring his wrist while just missing out on drawing a charge. The final line was 4-10 for 11 points, and an assist.
  • Darko Planicic played a few minutes but was quickly pulled. Borrego was talking to him quite a bit in between plays when he was out there. I’d guess it was a bit about the odd location in which he was setting picks.
  • Xavier Henry didn’t start off too hot, but in the end had what was probably his best performance in Summer League on both ends. Defensively he forced a couple turnovers, played quality one-on-one defense, and found some boards. Offensively he didn’t force up bad shots when he drove inside, delivered a few nice passes on drive and kicks, and hit shots when he had them available. The final line of 5-8 for 12 points, 3 assists, 4 boards, and 0 fouls was solid.
  • Dyson was 3-3 with 8 points, but somehow managed 6 fouls.
  • Bowles played alright again. He’s a bit slow, but finished with 9 points on 9 shots to go with a team high 7 boards in just 15 minutes.
  • Lance Thomas didn’t have a particularly good game. He finished with just 8 points on 10 shots to go with 6 boards. He added 6 personals, which is a bit much for my taste.
  • Oh, the game was really ugly. 23 fouls, 17 turnovers vs only 8 assists, 40% from the field, and only 4 steals… against a Summer League team.
  • If you didn’t know, this is James Borrego’s first time really being a head coach. I’ll have a little article about that tomorrow.





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