Hornets don’t be tempted rebuild

Published: December 16, 2011

I have read a couple of Hornets fans on this site theorize the Hornets as currently constituted have enough talent to compete for a 7th or 8th seed in the west. Let me say that I totally agree with that notion. The Hornets are better than the Suns, Rockets, Twolves, Warriors, and Jazz. This nba season will be chaos with all the back-to-back games and the Hornets will have a chance to steal several games with older teams resting their veterans on certain nights.

Dell Demps and crew have a conundrum on their hands here. Do the Hornets try to placate their season-ticket and compete for a playoff spot or as an organization do I try sell them on rebuilding. The choice is easy here; sell them on rebuilding. I’m not saying tank the season, Monty williams will not allow that to happen. What i’m saying is if a contender at the trade deadline wants a Chris Kamam, Trevor Ariza, Carl Landry, or an Emeka Okafor, and said contender are offering 1st rd picks or younger talent the Hornets should not hesitate and take those deals if offered.

The Hornets don’t want to get in what I call nba purgatory. Which is teams that are good enough to make the playoffs, but not good enough to win a title. Those teams often miss out on lottery picks and eventually end up capped out and stuck with bad contracts. I give you one example in the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks are the classic purgatory team in that are good enough to make it to the 2nd rd, but no one gives them a legit shot to win a title. That team is stuck with a 2nd tier star in Joe Johnson and is capped out. Just saying Hornets don’t be tempted follow okc’s model and enusre this franchise stays in New Orleans for many years to come.


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