Bee Zanies Tryouts This Monday From 7-9

Published: December 16, 2011

With the Hornets future looking as bright as it ever has before on the court, it’s now time to make sure that the team has the support that it needs in the stands. Last year, the first in which the Hornets organized the Bee-Zanies, there was an unmistakable increase in enthusiasm from the crowd early in games. They were loud, proud, and probably a little drunk if I’ve learned anything from hanging out with Purple Hornet, Super Hornet and the rest of the best professional fans that the world has ever known.

I’ll be covering the Bee-Zanies tryouts on Monday from 7-9 at the at Walk-On’s (1009 Poydras St., New Orleans, La.) and I expect to see you there. This is a great opportunity for fans over the age of 21 who want to be a part of Hornets organization, but haven’t yet bought tickets for the upcoming season. If I wasn’t writing, there’s no doubt that this would be the section where  I spend my time watching home games. Lower bowl for free with hardcore fans? Yes please.

You will be given 30 seconds to display your Hornets passion and spirit in an open audition.  Candidates are encouraged to audition with their friends, spouses, significant others and other groups who share a love for the Hornets. All hopefuls should come prepared with creative Hornets costumes/outfits, player chants or cheers, signs, props and any other creative and unique methods to show how zanie they are for the Hornets.

Bee Zanies will receive an exclusive Bee Zanie T-shirt courtesy of Budweiser and Zatarain’s and a lower bowl ticket to sit in the Bee Zanies Zone at the top of section 117 for all Hornets games at the Hive.

If you see me there, say hi or something! I’m always looking to meet readers of this site and Hornets Report in person. Except Ryan. I hear enough out of him on the podcasts (which you better damn well be listening to).

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