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    AFA: The reason why the Hornets won’t miss Ariza

    Ryan uses numbers to break down the impact Aminu has on the Hornets while comparing him to the departed Trevor Ariza.  Is Aminu the small forward of the future?

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    Per Draft Express: Hornets Trade Okafor and Ariza for Rashard Lewis

    The last remaining Hornet from the Pre-Demps era and the first guy he acquired are gone. Rashard Lewis is soon to follow 

  • Doing Dealer Dell: Volume 2

    In our second Doing Dealer Dell, we examine current rumors as well as who’s calling the Hornets General Manager…

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    Trevor Ariza Has Figured It Out Again

    After two seasons of flinging shots with reckless abandon, Trevor Ariza has gotten back to playing the style of game that defined him in Los Angeles.

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    Doing Dealer Dell Demps: Volume 1

    We introduce a new piece called “Doing Dealer Dell.” Today we will assess a variety of things going around Dell’s head and around the league. 

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    Late Night Thoughts on the Hornets Season So Far and What’s to Come

    With each passing game that the margin between wins and losses widens, the reality that the Hornets aren’t under-performing sets in for me. Worse yet, Gordon’s return probably won’t fix anything...

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    Hornets Beat: Things that go Bump in the Night

    This week’s New Orleans Hornets Beat tackles Gordon’s knee, Okafor’s contract, trades, and ownership. Plus, The New Orleans Hornets announced today that they have picked up the option for the 2012-13...

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    Hornets blow lead, fall to Jazz

    New Orleans Hornets 90 Recap | Box Score 94 Utah Jazz

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    2011-12 Hornets Season Preview

    Time will tell, but it is easy to make the argument that this will be viewed as the most important off-season in the history of the franchise. Chris Paul is gone,...

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    Trevor Ariza Clocks in as the 113th Ranked NBA Player

    New Orleans Hornets small forward Trevor Ariza is the 113th best NBA player, according to ESPN’s team of basketball writers. ESPN recently asked every NBA writer they have at their disposal...

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    Fiending for Some NBA Action

    (This is in the spirit of Holly MacKenzie’s very nice piece over at Hardwood Paroxysm, only I’m doing 36 things I miss because the Hornets have six players and there are...

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    Offseason Targets: Small Forward

    Last offseason, the small forward position was overhauled as Trevor Ariza was brought in via trade and Quincy Pondexter was selected with the 26th pick of the NBA draft. The two...

  • 42 Dunktastic Superstardom

    Dunk That Sh!t: New Star

    Every team has a bench, and on that bench there may just be the next superstar . . . but it’s likely that the backup just hasn’t been exposed as not...

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    New Orleans Hornets Defeat The Suns Behind Willie “Money” Green

    The New OrleansHornets beat the Suns 109-97 behind an automatic Willie Green and an aggressive Trevor Ariza to win their third straight game. The win is their sixth of eight since...

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    The Hornets trip the Pacers

    The Hornets handled the Pacers without much issue tonight, handing out a 108-96 drubbing (Box Score) that was actually a twenty-five point lead before the Hornets scrubs came in and let...

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    Why you should appreciate Ariza

    This play from Friday’s game against the Wolves just stuck in my head.  Maybe two months ago, I was on the Podcast saying I was done with Ariza.  This play is...

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    Redfish Talk with Dell Demps

    The Hornets had an extended Chalk Talk scheduled for about 50 season ticket holders at the Bourbon House.  I went with my girlfriend and bumped into a couple I know from...

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    Hornets looking to sign Sasha Pavlovic

    From the reports I’ve heard, it’s possible that Trevor Ariza has a high ankle sprain, which usually takes a bit of time(2-4 weeks)  to recover from.  Well, according to ESPN’s Marc...

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    The Thunder beat the Hornets

    If a Marcus Thornton shot is Goaltended, does a referee see it?  Apparently, after tonight, the answer is no.  Seriously – this one wasn’t even hard to call like the Phoenix...

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    Hornets Ten Game Winning Streak Box Score Bomb

    As the Hornets look ahead to Sacramento in hopes of extending their season high ten game winning streak, we are going to take a look back at how the individual players...

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