• Top 5 Hornets Memories

    I can’t think of a more exciting and sad moment in my sports fan life than right now. The New Orleans Hornets will no longer exist and the New Orleans Pelicans...

  • Robin Lopez

    Hornets Blow 22 Point Lead, Extend Losing Streak to 11

    With 57 seconds left in the second quarter, Robin Lopez’s dunk gave the Hornets a 46-24 lead. It looked like it was all but certain that the ten-game losing streak would...

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    What to Expect When You Are Expecting: Anthony Davis and the Point God

    As part of a reoccuring piece, Hornets247.com takes a look at the rookie seasons of franchise players to get an idea of what to expect from Anthony Davis.

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    David West gets Booed Early in Return to New Orleans

    David West was booed early and often in the opening quarter of his first return to New Orleans since signing with the Pacers this offseason. update– I just want to clarify...

  • Johnny Five

    Holding out for a Hero

    Jason is looking for a new favorite player.

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    A Farewell to David West

    So after 8 years as a Hornet, David West has gone out in the same manner in which he played for the Hornets – an afterthought to the sublime scene-stealing talent of...

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    Chris Paul Trade re-submitted, West on the move?

    According to ESPN.com, the Paul to the Lakers trade has been re-submitted to the front office.  No details yet on the changes in the trade.  Wonder what will happen this time...

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    Hornets Beat: Free Agents!

    In this edition of Hornets Beat we examine other teams free agents with a focus on who would be a good fit for New Orleans. If you’re hoping for talk about...

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    While Chris Paul’s Crunch Time Numbers Fell Off Last Year, The Hornets Remained Clutch

    With the news that the lockout ended, I started getting back into looking at stats and whatnot from last year. One thing I noticed, which I’m guessing a lot of us...

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    CBA Framework Established, More Work to Do

    Details will follow over the course of the next few days, and this thing can be derailed by a number of factors, but a CBA framework has been established. This means...

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    Five Storylines Sure to Rock the World of New Orleans Hornets Fans

    Whenever this silly lockout does come to a conclusion, New Orleans Hornets fans are going to find themselves right in the middle of some pretty serious stories that will likely determine...

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    ESPN Writers Rank David West 45th

    Longtime Hornets power forward and current free agent, David West, is the 45th ranked NBA player according to ESPN’s team of basketball writers. ESPN recently asked every NBA writer they have...

  • White to Move, Checkmate in 2

    New Orleans Hornets Exceed 9,000 Full Season Tickets

    Sometime over the course of the next couple days . . . Thursday by my scribbled calculations, but the day or time doesn’t matter an iota . . . the New...

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    Prolonged Lockout Not All Bad for New Orleans

    I want a prolonged NBA Lockout.  Yes, it’s blasphemous, but it’s true. I have been an NBA fan for as long as I can remember.  I was enraptured by the Magic-Bird-Jordan...

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    Season in the Abyss

    It Has Ended Where the glossy parquet is lorded over by grand pillars supporting baskets that would hold no peach I’ve ever seen, lit from above by tiny stars . ....

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    Let’s Hope David West Remembers Who Really Pays His Contract

    After learning that David West will opt out of his contract to become a free agent, there remains only one outcome which would represent an especially big win for his past...

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    Quick Notes and Thoughts from an uneventful week

    On Thursday night, every single team added at least one player to their roster. Every team, except the New Orleans Hornets of course. Indiana and Dallas did not draft anybody, but...

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    Offseason Targets: Power Forwards

    The dominoes will begin to fall soon, and it appears that the first one to topple will be the David West domino. It is possible that his decision (whether to opt...

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    Watching Paul and West in the Embryo

    A few months ago, my TiVO served up a gem for me, recording an ESPN Classic game from March 2006 between the Houston Rockets and New Orleans Hornets, who were then...

  • 42 Dunktastic Superstardom

    Dunk That Sh!t: New Star

    Every team has a bench, and on that bench there may just be the next superstar . . . but it’s likely that the backup just hasn’t been exposed as not...

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