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  • Ever-Newer Waters Flow . . .

    With changes at the top of the Hornets hierarchy, more were sure to follow . . .

  • Happy Today

    It’s a special morning, because we are not special.

  • A Message to the Naysayers

    Jason has a little something for all those who said “nay” or something like it . . .

  • Aldridge Reports Tom Benson to Purchase New Orleans Hornets

    The New Orleans Saints owner will extend his downtown empire.

  • Add the BP Settlement Proposal to the Ownership Consideration

    A legal maneuver turned the tide in the recent CBA negotiations, unexpectedly for those not paying close attention. Did that just happen again, this time affecting the sale of the New Orleans Hornets?

  • Attendance Claws: Addendum

    Jason follows up on the attendance as the end on January gets closer by the day.

  • Tempus Fugit

    Time, she flies

    Tempus fugit is a Latin phrase translating as “Time flees,” but is more well-approximated with the familiar “Time flies.” It’s been just over a year since the Hornets were taken over by the NBA, forever changing the course of the franchise. The past year has been turbulent for other reasons, as well, but now we […]

  • Holiday Road

    Hey kids . . . Wally World!

    As Christmas does a continually worsening, comically poor job of sneaking up on the present recipients of the world, I’m left with nothing to do but dive into my own head in an effort to maintain decorum as the yuletide behemoth gracelessly knocks the lamp over while trying desperately sneak around and deposit the season’s […]

  • Tur-dunkin’


    Renewed rebirth talks are springing up all over HornetLand. I have theories on why that is, but I’ve stuffed some soppresata in my mouth in an effort to keep this on topic. The topic, of course: A Traditional Louisiana Turducken. For those who don’t know, a turducken is a dish, not an animal. The basic […]

  • What Game are We Playing?

    I thought this was a team in a basketball league, but I’m questioning this most fundamental assumption. For two successive offseasons, fans have celebrated the possible arrival of a player as if they had won a title. This seems so contrary to the basic nature of sports to me that I have to ask: What […]

  • Point: Chris Paul is the Problem

    Be not afraid of greatness: some men are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. — Twelfth Night, Act II, Scene V, William Shakespeare Yeah, I said it. Chris Paul is the problem. He doesn’t have to be, but he is. Maybe. It’s not his offense, his defense, his size, […]

  • CBA Framework Established, More Work to Do

    Details will follow over the course of the next few days, and this thing can be derailed by a number of factors, but a CBA framework has been established. This means the BRI split and major system issues have been agreed upon by the negotiators. The lawyers, antitrust folks, etc. weren’t in on this. This […]

  • 42 Seconds: Serendipity

    I’ve rarely been falsely accused of being upbeat, optimistic, etc. I’ve believed something good was going to happen because I didn’t have enough information, but that’s not the same thing. Of late, however, I seem to have a spring in my step, at least compared to the people I converse with about the NBA, or, […]

  • 42 Seconds: Weighing a Purchase

    The New Orleans Hornets are for sale, and since these franchises don’t come up for sale too often, I need to think about this while I have the chance; it’s now or never. With the NBA considering contraction, there’s no way expansion is going to give me a clean slate to work with anytime soon. Therefore, it’s […]

  • 42 Seconds: The New Orleans Hornets are a Model Franchise

    As one might expect, I spend a good deal of time thinking about the New Orleans Hornets. Among the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune the franchise and the ‘fanchise’ have endured, the de facto foreclosure by the NBA is not only unprecedented in NBA history, but also potentially a structurally important nail in the […]

  • How to Get to 10,000 Season Tickets, Now and Forever

    The New Orleans Hornets are in the middle of a successful season ticket drive during what has the realistic potential to be the longest work stoppage in NBA history. The goal is to have sold 10,000 full season tickets by the season’s eventual start. This number is of the rule-of-thumb sort that unambiguously, in the minds […]

  • New Orleans Hornets Exceed 9,000 Full Season Tickets

    White to Move, Checkmate in 2

    Sometime over the course of the next couple days . . . Thursday by my scribbled calculations, but the day or time doesn’t matter an iota . . . the New Orleans Hornets will have sold their 9,000th full season ticket for the 2011-2012 season. I don’t have any inside info on this, as its […]

  • Dunk That Sh!t: Crescent City Champion

    Evil Dead Dollar Bill

    Make It Rain (Hornets Report): 42, do you have any ideas who another potential sponsor could be? 42: This is a very timely question, given the recent success the Hornets have had with sponsors. The success is even more substantial given the state of the economy, the current climate in the NBA, and the focus […]

  • Hornets’ Checkup

    In what has been a slow time for the New Orleans Hornets, I am happy to bring a boatload of fresh news. Tonight I was able to attend an I’m In event thanks to the courteous invitation of my rep (and Hornets247’s), Gena. What follows is an account of the event, summaries of the speeches […]

  • The NBA is a Cartel

    Am I Fighting One Hydra Or Seven Mouths?

      An Economic Analysis of the NBA, Part I Next Installment: An Economic Analysis of the NBA, Part II: The NBA’s Labor Revolutions The New Orleans Hornets, our team, is, beyond the shadow of doubt, the most interesting team in all of American sports for the time being. What’s so attention-getting about a team that […]