Game On: Pelicans @ 76ers

Published: April 5, 2016

I’m not sure how many people in Philly will be at this game – considering the quality of players being fielded and the fact Villanova took the national title game last night.  There might be much partying and less bad 76ers watching.

And boy are these Sixers bad.  It’s possible, should they not win another game this year, that they will tie the record for the fewest number of wins in an 82-game season.  So in the third year of their teardown, with three sets of high draft picks expended, they are WORSE than when they won 19 total games to start the process.

We may not see Noel tonight, as he has been struggling with a knee contusion.  Embiid and Okafor are out for the season of course – so it’s probable that we’ll see none of the prize gems the sixers have gotten for their tanking ways.

Of course, the Pels have no room to talk.  Our starting line-up will probably be as full of non-entities as the 76ers, though we do have the opportunity of watching original Ish Smith go against New Ish Smith (Tim Frazier).  That will be fun.

Anyways, Keys to the Game. (also known as ways in which we can continue to wreck our odds of moving up in the lottery)

  1. Try a little on the glass.  The Sixers are bad on the glass.  Like, really bad.  If the Pels decide they want rebounds, they can pretty much get them.
  2. Apply pressure.  Outside of Ish, the Sixers have probably the worst crew of ball handlers in the history of ever.  If the Pels apply pressure, they will get steals and turnovers – and run them down the sixers throats.
  3. Take three pointers.  The Sixers allow the 4th most three pointers in the league – and though opponents hit them at league rate – the league average three pointer is still worth some nice points.  So take em and make em.

Enjoy the game!

(Side note: We have banners for road games with five different players on them.  And none of them are healthy.  So crazy.)

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