Predicting The Anthony Davis “Thank You New Orleans” Instagram Post

Published: July 16, 2019

Whenever a notable athlete leaves one town for another, it always comes with the three I’s: introspection, image control, and the Instagram post. In a perfect world, the latter captures the formers. Your superstar bolts for alleged greener pastures and you hunker down for the impending photographic storm – the Thank You, See You Later post on your favorite photo sharing app.

Anthony Davis was officially traded to the Lakers not that long ago but he’s been long gone from New Orleans for a long, long while. And yet, there hasn’t been any sort of ‘Gram Goodbye like we’ve grown accustomed to in situations like this. Our wounds cannot fully heal until we see what Davis posts and so therefore, we shall speculate.


#1. We’re Growing Apart and Maybe I Never Really Got You, Anyway


#2. Clashing Values


#3. Wandering Eyes

Chris Trew is a comedian, writer, and actor based in New Orleans who’s been a season ticket holder since forever. His work has been seen in GQ, MTV, Comedy Central, and featured on To read Chris Trew‘s book about sitting behind the visitor’s bench at Pelicans games, click the link.

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